We’re not saying it’s practical, just possible…

The more you know, the more opportunity you create. We’re not saying this is: easy, practical or even attainable for many travelers – only that it’s possible. British Airways Gold Executive Club members have one massive advantage when it comes to booking flights using points: they can book any flight they want – even if no “availability” using points exist, provided they use double the standard points. Since First Class can tricky to book, this could be a clever solution.

a plane flying above the cloudsGold Priority Rewards

TravelZork recently reminded us that Gold Priority Rewards, a benefit of being a British Airways Executive Club Gold member do not just extend to economy bookings. You can use points to book any available seat on any flight, provided you pay double the points and book more than 30 days in advance. This benefit works on long haul flights, just as it does on short haul flights.

Why It’s Potentially Great

Well, for starters – you can book onto any flight. Even if there is no “Avios availability” released by British Airways, you can phone up and book a seat on any flight using points, as long as theres a seat for sale as if you were using cash. You pay double the points (works for economy, premium and business as well) – which allows you to join friends and family, book a peak season flight or other traditionally impossible feat using points. This is also great if only one seat is made available using Avios points and two people are traveling. You can snag one seat using the standard Avios booking, and use double the points to secure the other, even though it’s technically not available. If British Airways later releases a second seat at standard rates, you can cancel the double Avios booking.

a room with a table and chairs136,000 One Way

London to NYC (or vice versa) would run 136,000 points one way as opposed to the standard 68,000. It’s a lot, we get it, but you must look at the landscape before rushing to judgement here. United charges 110,000 points one way for their “saver” first class awards using points. These are only available on extremely limited dates. You could legitimately say that 68,000 for First Class on BA is far lower than most other points options. This is due in part to the absurd surcharges, but it’s an interesting comparison point. Air France, for example,  only allows elite members of it’s own program to book first class, and the rates are over 200,000 one way. To book “any” first class seat using points, you’re paying just 26,000 more than United charges for a rare chance to book first at the lowest level.

How To Book

Gold Priority Rewards must be booked over the phone. You can’t combine these with other vouchers, such as the 2 for 1. You can book for yourself or someone else and any cabin is fine. Simply pick up the phone and call the Gold Executive Club line to book. Full terms and conditions can be found here. The more you know, right?

We booked one of these and can assure you it works.


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