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Traveling with multiple colleagues, friends or family? You’ll have to pick your very favorite. As is the policy with virtually every airline, you’re generally only allowed one guest into an airline VIP lounge. Awkward! This may not pose a problem for business travel, but for leisure travel, it can cause frustration for families. British Airways has listened to customer feedback on this issue, and for a limited time over the peak travel season – Gold members will be allowed extra lounge guests when flying on British Airways.

a room with chairs and a chandelierWhat’s The Deal?

From March 26th to April 15th, British Airways will bend their airport lounge rules in response to customer feedback. During these peak times of leisure and family travel, the airline will allow Gold and above Executive Club frequent flyers the privilege of bringing in up to five additional guests. At London Heathrow, guests will also be able to experience the First Wing. This additional access applies to British Airways lounges only, and only for customers traveling on British Airways flights.

The Details…

Gold Executive Club members with extra guests greater than the one standard guest allowance will be directed to the Galleries lounge, rather than Galleries First unless there is sufficient space for all guests. Gold Guest List members will be directed to the Galleries First Lounge with their guests. If you have one guest or less, your access will remain the same. The member must remain with guests during the duration of their lounge visit. This offer is only valid at London Heathrow and Gatwick lounges, and not in other airports British Airways serves.

Nice Response.

Although many business travelers enjoy a fine champagne, wine or spirit in transit, one of the greatest joys of earning travel benefits is sharing the access earned with friends, family and colleagues. This initiative from British Airways is a positive sign that customer feedback is being considered and from time to time – reflected. Opportunities, albeit very slowly are being created to give passengers what they want, when they need it most. This is the second such time British Airways has expanded guest access during peak leisure travel periods and though some may complain of overcrowded lounges, efforts are being made to keep capacity in order. After all, every business traveler knows to avoid holiday weekends! The greater good far outweighs any potential negatives, if you ask us. Would it perhaps be better offer 4-8 lounge guest vouchers per year, valid at any point? Maybe. But regardless – well done, British Airways.

How do you feel about this increased guest access?

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  1. More ppl can drink away their sorrows before getting into middle seat blocked CE business class or worse still, dormitory 777 J!

    What’s not to like about that!

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