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Fresh burrata, tomato and pesto? How about salmon tartare with wasabi crème fraîche? Or Perhaps asparagus, gran padano and prosciutto? British Airways new meal service, presently available on New York JFK flights is undeniably improved. Fresher tastes and more powerful options have been a hit with travelers and the airline is ready to take its new meal service on the road  Ten destinations will receive the new meal service from February 1st – so here’s everything you need to know.

a city by the water10 Destinations

Beginning February 1st, British Airways will launch their new and improved meal service on ten additional routes. The service will be available on: Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dubai, Hong Kong, Montreal, New York (Newark), Philadelphia, Toronto and Washington DC. You can expect to find the service on all British Airways flights to these destinations on or after this date. For any wine connoisseurs, the new service will also include greatly improved stemware. No more thimbles for big, bold reds! Champagne will see elegant new stemware as well.

a plate of food on a tableBetter, Longer

We’ve experienced the meal service on multiple occasions and it’s undeniably better. Fresher, zippier and with greater variety suiting all feelings and tastes. But in our experience, it’s incredibly slow. The idea behind trolley service is to speed up service times, plating appetizers in advance – but crews have not yet warmed to the service completely. The quicker they can get it, the better it will be. On short flights requiring sleep, it may be worth eating in the lounge, before the flight.

a bed with pillows and a purse on itBedding

With any hope, British Airways new bedding will make an expanded debut shortly. The new bedding is perhaps even more impactful than the new meal service, offering a vastly improved sleep experience. Rumor has it, a reason for slow roll out is that customers are enjoying it, a bit too much. Apparently more than 1000 pillows and duvets were stolen in the first three months of service.

Have you experienced the new meal service? What are your thoughts?

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  1. How does one make off with a large duvet and pillow? When I deplane the are generally two FAs at the door who should be able to spot such subterfuge. It would be as obvious as checking out of a hotel carrying a flat screen TV!

  2. Hey Gilbert! I am looking forward to try this out, do you have any insider knowledge as to when this will be coming to the SEA route?

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