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Mushy peas, really?

They do things a little differently in the United Kingdom, and for the most part that’s a good thing. It’s part of the undeniable allure around a trip to the United Kingdom. From driving on the wrong left side of the road to a strange infatuation with mushy peas, there are British traditions which many American jet setters fail to come to terms with. In an effort to demystify all things British culture, British Airways has created a video explaining “Britishness”. If you’re not ready for some fish n’ chips and a pint in London after watching this, you’ll never be. Join the fun.

Well there you go: mushy peas are best with salt and vinegar, Prince Harry will soon be getting married to Rachel Zane Meghan Markel and you really don’t need to tip more than the included 10-15% tip on the bill. That’s right America: no one wants your 22% tips. Well, we’re sure many waitstaff would gladly appreciate them, but then it makes everyone else look bad, so if you want to make friends in London, or any of the dreamy nearby areas – do as the Romans… errr Brits do. London is without a doubt one of the greatest destinations on earth and with so much to do over the summer, from royal weddings to Wimbledon and English gardens – there’s something for everyone.

What’s the strangest British tradition?

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  1. So, London Airways promotes London. Shockeroonie!
    This is not about Britain or the British, it’s about the tiny bit of Britain’s landmass that BA is interested in.
    Try again BA. Northern Ireland, Highlands of Scotland, West Wales, Norfolk, Dorset, Cumbria, Kent. Nope, just London. And mushy peas! Sheesh!

  2. The strangest British tradition is leaving out the “the”. As in I’m going to hospital not I’m going to the hospital.

  3. Assuming everyone around the world speaks English, then going on holiday and complaining about the food 😜
    And you really don’t have to tip at all unless you feel you received good service – outside of big urban areas staff are normally surprised if you ask for the gratuity option on the card machine…

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