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Travelers wish it not to be true, but the key to using points is flexibility. It’s rarely when you want to go that counts, and more often a case of when you can go. Searching on BritishAirways.com you can search day by day, and about 365 clicks later, you may get an idea of what days you could travel. On that note, their app is actually better. But there’s one solution which beats them all, and for now – it’s free. With one single click you can see every date where seats in economy, premium, business or first class are available for a given route, making the finding part – easy.

british airways 787Redemption Finder

Collecting miles is easy, redeeming them – not so much. Travel is supposed to be a pleasure, but if you feel as if you should hand the airline a bill for all the time you wasted just trying to find a redemption seat, it takes away from the joy. BARedemptionFinder.com is a free website which pulls data from British Airways, for British Airways flights only. In short: you can’t use this tool to find seats using British Airways Avios on other airlines, but you can for any British Airways flights. The tool is the easiest and best way to find seats, and now it shows 365 days in one click.

palm trees aviosHow To Search

Head to BARedemptionFinder.com and enter your search query. Unlike some websites, the search page is right up front. Enter your starting point, your destination, which cabin and click search. You’ll be presented with a 365 day calendar noting when seats are available to book using Avios Points. The calendar also uses “light blue” and “dark blue” to signify which dates are peak and off peak, which lets you know which dates will require more points. Once you’ve found availability on BARedemptionFinder.com, you can simply call in to British Airways or book with the airline on their website. There’s no excuses now.

a row of seats in an airplaneNext Level Alerts

Setting alerts is the pro way to find seats. Assuming you miss out when seats are first released, or there aren’t as many as you’d like, setting alerts is a brilliant way to get notified by email when and if additional seats are made available using points. BARedemptionFinder allows you to set free once daily alerts where you receive an email if things change, but for £3($5) a month, the tool will search hourly, which gives you a leg up on virtually all other options. The paid version also offers inspiration, since it can show you what flights are available on your dates, if you are locked into certain days! Pretty cool…

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