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The economy cabin has never looked so good…

This is the golden age of air travel. Never before has airfare been lower, nor have has there been more direct flights to all the places you want to go. And there’s even wifi now too! British Airways has launched an exclusive Avios offer for UK Executive Club Members, which gives you far more value for your points than usual, when you use points to help pay for a ticket. The best part? Wait for it… you’ll earn frequent flyer miles and elite frequent flyer status points back too! 

british airways chauffeurThe British Airways Avios Offer

362 days a year, if you use British Airways Avios Points to pay for part of a cash ticket, 14,500 points will get you £90 off. That’s helpful for some, but in best practices – it’s not an optimal use of your Avios points. For three days, and three wonderful days only, British Airways is offering a very special bonus, which brings almost 3x the value for your Avios points when you use them to cover part of the cost of a long haul ticket. Just how much? 5,000 Avios Points will get you £100 off any long haul return economy (world traveler) ticket departing from the UK. Yep! If a ticket looks like it will be £300, using just 5,000 Avios would make it £200.

a couple sitting on a dock by a body of waterAmazing Deals

We said Golden Age, and we meant it. It’s never been cheaper to fly, and combining this offer with British Airways current flight deals can create some insanely good values. For example, below are a few round trip flight prices, if you take advantage of the offer. Using 5,000 Avios points will drop the return flight price by £100, so a £270 ticket would become just £170 round trip. Yes! For long haul round trip travel! And also yes – you really will earn points and “tier points” for flying. In some cases, you may earn more points back than you used! Here are some cool possibilities taking into account the £100 off from 5,000 points, like…

  • £170 + 5,000 Avios for round trip London to New York.
  • £206 + 5,000 Avios for round trip London to Miami.
  • £207 + 5,000 Avios for round trip London to Los Angeles.
  • £270 + 5,000 Avios for round trip London to San Francisco.
  • £345 + 5,000 Avios for round trip London to Johannesburg.
  • £359 + 5,000 Avios for round trip London to Singapore. 

How To Book

Search for flights like you normally would on British Airways. You’ll see the normal flight price, £100 higher than the figures listed above. When you get to the payment page, you’ll have the option of knocking £100 off for 5,000 Avios to achieve the rates above.

rows of seats with monitors on themThe Deal Details

This limited time “part payment” offer is valid for British Airways Executive Club members based in the UK only. If you’re not already a British Airways Executive Club member, make an account ASAP! This offer is only valid on flights departing from the UK. You can lock in the amazing value of £100 off tickets for only 5,000 British Airways Avios points for flights from October 19th 2018 thru October 9th 2019. You must book by the 22nd of October, 2018, or you’ll miss out on the great rates. 

a bottle of wine and a glass on a tableA Great Rebate

Even the very lowest priced deals will earn you miles back, so in many cases it’s possible that you’ll get your £100 off by using 5,000 points, and then earn back half, all of even double that amount by taking the flight! The higher your Executive Club status, the more points you’ll earn! That’s a pretty stellar bargain. In fact, economy never looked so good…

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  1. If my account is US based, but want to leave from LHR, how do I activate this deal? I don’t see anywhere to use Avios on the payment screen.

  2. £250 GLA-JFK return – happy days. Gone for no-frills but was happy to see as Gold I got free seat selection.

  3. If that’s what it takes to fill economy seats in the shiny new “enhanced” mode of service…
    Personally I’d rather have a decent reliable seat in a clean cabin with adequate catering.

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