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New York for £175 and 5,000 Avios – SOLD.

Start believing it – there’s never been a better time to fly. British Airways has launched a limited time offer which finally proves that earning even the tiniest amounts of points is worth it.

If you have 5,000 British Airways Avios Points, you can now, for a very limited time, use them to take £100 off any long haul British Airways flight from the UK in economy or premium economy. If you combine that offer with the crazy good deals floating around, travel has never been more affordable.

palm trees aviosThe Offer

For British Airways flights, and British Airways flights only, you can use Avios as part payment for a flight and receive greater than normal value. To be exact: 5,000 Avios will get you £100 off any long haul ticket from the UK to the world. The super boosted Avios value runs until Tuesday, Feb 12th at midnight. Just like Cinderella, you don’t want to turn into an overpaying pumpkin. We’ll explain..

Offer Link: Here.

a plane with seats and windowsStack It

It’s not hard to find British Airways flights to great cities like New York starting at £275 round trip. If you then stack this offer, you’re looking at return flights, all in with taxes and fees included, for £175 in cash and 5,000 of your Avios.

Starting from cities like London, Inverness or Edinburgh, you’ll find staggeringly good deals in the upgraded experience of Premium Economy, which you can also take £100 off of using 5,000 Avios. Scotland to Abu Dhabi starts at £378 if you use 5,000 Avios to take £100 off. London to Boston starts at £675 return, so 5,000 Avios would make it £575.

new yorkHot Tip

Most of the very best priced flights are available in March, May, the first half of June and then again in September, October, November and December. You’ll find the lowest prices if you stay at least one Saturday night in your destination city. Note: this special discount only works for flights taken before June 30th, 2019.

Oh and another hot tip: If you book Premium Economy, many of these cities can be upgraded to business class for an additional 20,000-30,000 points each way, after booking. Here’s an easy guide to figuring all that stuff out, but good to know, right?

british airways 787Best Offers

Because we love you, we’ve made a list of the best current flight deals which make this Avios promo even juicier than ever. Here are some deals, with prices before using the £100 off, so look at these numbers and then imagine taking £100 off per person for 5,000 Avios per person. You can always go solo too…

  • £275 London to New York in Economy.
  • £322 Inverness to Los Angeles in Economy.
  • £355 London to Dubai in Economy.
  • £416 London to Singapore in Economy.
  • £425 London to Hong Kong in Economy.
  • £478 Inverness to Abu Dhabi In Premium Economy.
  • £499 Inverness to Dubai In Premium Economy.
  • £624 London to Dubai in Premium Economy.

How To Book

First, you need an Executive Club account with British Airways. Create one here, if you don’t already have one. Next, you need 5,000 Avios Points. You can instantly create them using Amex Points and a variety of other credit card points, if you don’t already have some. Once you have an account with 5,000 points or more, you’re all set. You don’t need to “find” this offer in your account or anything.

Just go to search flights on British Airways website like you always would. It’s easiest if you login to your account first, or while booking. Search for any flight to great cities which are on sale like Hong Kong, New York, Boston, Dubai, Singapore or Los Angeles and be sure to only select British Airways flights. Partner flights on American, etc won’t work.

Once you have the perfect flights selected you’ll have the option of using 5,000 Avios per person to take £100 off per person toward the end of the booking process. You won’t see it until after you’ve selected flights and are going to the payment pages. Don’t stress!

Check out this offer here.

british airways chauffeurThe Best Part

The best part of all this, other than amazing travel? You’ll actually earn points back, and earn tier points too. Because you’re still buying these fares with cash, and not just cashing in points, you’ll get some or all of the 5,000 points you use back into your account after you fly. That makes this a ridiculously good deal, hence the title. Enjoy!

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  1. I did Dubai on Qantas last year from LHR. Tickets were £315 return in economy. Amex had a spend £600 get £200 off, so for the two of us it was £430 or £215 each. No Qantas to DXB now unfortunately but lots of competition on this route keeping the prices reasonable, if you’re flexible.

    The November before, I did Muscat in Premium Economy for around £300 on BA. Booked this through Iberia. That’s fantastic value. BA upgraded me to Club on the return.

  2. Doesn’t seem to work for me…. I’m a UK resident but only getting the following: £20 off with 2,000 Avios, £40 off with 5,200 Avios, £70 off with 10,600 Avios, £100 off with 17,000 Avios

    1. A common mistake people are making is selecting flights operated by American, Iberia or any carrier other than BA. I just tried the offer myself and had absolutely no issue. Can you confirm you are…

      1) searching from a UK starting point.
      2) searching long haul flights (ie: not intra Europe).
      3) selecting only “BA metal”, flights actually flown by BA.
      4) The flights take place before June 30th?

  3. Not working for me either. When I reach the payment screen I’m presented with my saved credit cards but no options to pay with Avios. (BA metal to Cairo, return flight 29 June.)

    How do you force the older version of the site?

  4. Great to see prices temporarily reflect the standards BA now offers.
    Afraid I will remain #flyabba as I like a clean cabin, some certainty that I’ll be fed (longhaul), working IFE and seating. £50 more than the net price of these offers opens a range of reliable and consistent carriers offering superior products to BA in pretty much every cabin. In my view it’s worth it if only to avoid the hassle of dealing with BA and the much higher risk of receiving a service very different from the one booked and paid for. When they get it right, BA is fine, though not leading in any area. My issue is the frequency with which they get it wrong and the “shit” customer services after the fact… Computer says no.

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