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A world without travel is hardly a world at all, is it? At this point, everyone in the UK is beyond tired of their own four walls, or their daily walking loops and is beyond ready for a break. It might be a bit longer before that’s possible, but getting a buzz from trip planning is real, and so is the chance to book a good deal.

British Airways has a brand new sale with great deals for travel in summer, and even better for fall and winter. It’s a bit of a leap of faith, but if it’s high time to have a little something to look forward to, these low prices are a good way to get it done.

British Airways April Sale

It’s April and British Airways has a new sale, so we’ll call it the April Sale! Brilliant. TM.

What stands out in the sale is package holidays, which actually work in your favor for a variety of reasons. With packages, it’s easier to get a refund if the government advice changes on travel, whereas flight only, if it’s still going – you’re kinda stuck.

Like what? Like £379 per person for round trip flights to Dubai and 3 nights of hotels, when two people travel, or flights plus 7 nights in Europe for £199 per person. Luxury fans aren’t left out either, with plenty of Club World business class to places like New York for £1295 round trip, or Los Angeles for £1495 – there’s lots of others too.

These deals are primarily from London (and don’t work the other way around) but other UK airports should be included.

FYI, they’re just rumors at this point – but rumors strongly indicate the US and UK are in meaningful talks to create an air corridor between the two countries, thanks to the excellent vaccination rate in both places. If that rings true, America may be a best bet for 2021 travel.

Also, it’s just a lot easier if you go look at the sale, rather than hearing me labor on. But if we must…

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The Dates You Can Travel

Travel is expected to return to the UK in May or June, but not quite as much as many would wish. Fortunately, the best-best prices in the BA sale tend to be for travel from October onward, giving higher probability of remaining wrinkles being ironed out.

You’d like to think the powers that be would have learned from the chaos of an ever changing traffic light system with varying quarantines, like last summer, so let’s hope they have.

How To Book The BA Sale

All the notable deals can be found directly on British Airways Sale Page. Package deals really are the best way to play this, thanks in part to low deposits, which you only need to pay at least 3 weeks before travel.

This means you can book for as low as £60 per person, and not owe the rest until you’re sure you’ll go. If plans change, you just eat the deposit. But if things do go, you bagged a great bargain and didn’t have to worry about it right away. Adding at least one night of car rental or hotel to a flight booking makes a booking a “package”, as long as they’re booked together.

Everyone is in a different situation when it comes to travel right now and this may not be for you, and if it isn’t just dream on for another time. That’s a polite way of saying please don’t whinge in the comments, because nobody needs that right.

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  1. Can you ask BA why they won’t accept vouchers issued when they cancelled flights as payment / part payment for sale bookings?
    – Could it be they STILL don’t understand that they have to offer something to customers as well as shareholders?

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