It turns out, it’s good to be in the Doghouse sometimes…

Have you ever been in the midst of lathering yourself up in a lovely powerful hotel shower, only to think “wouldn’t it be nice to have a cold beer right now?’. Starting in early 2019, you’ll have your chance. The world’s first beer hotel is set to open in Scotland, offering taps in every room and a beer fridge in the shower, just in case…

a building with a sign on the frontWhat

BrewDog is one of Scotland’s best brewers. The company came to the brilliant realization that the mini bar is simply too far and uninviting, and what hotel guests really need, are delicious beers on tap, directly in the room. Who doesn’t love a fresh draught and who wouldn’t want a completely immersive hotel at a brewery?! Featuring 26 guest rooms, the Doghouse Hotel will also be the first to offer in shower beer fridges. They really have thought of everything.

a bedroom with a bed and deskWhere

Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The area offers a picturesque stretch of beach and highland with easy access to Aberdeen and classic country towns. Guests can return from full day Scotch tasting tours to tap out with BrewDog’s finest brews. After the opening of this world first, BrewDog plans to open a similar offering at their Columbus, Ohio, USA location.


Following in the footsteps of clever vintners through the years, building idyllic guesthouses and hotels along vineyards rolling hillsides – brewers are next. As travelers seek more unique and identifying experiences, these niche offers create a welcome foray out of the chain experience. This next year sees the launch of a new immersive Star Wars Hotel in Florida and Marvel Hotel in Paris. If you’ve got a lot of money, a bit of land and a good grip on a niche interest, it may be time to open your very own boutique hotel. It won’t be easy to compete with in-room tap beers, but rest assured there may be an audience.

Will you be booking a stay at the Doghouse hotel in 2019?

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