a group of people in a room with large screens

In a galaxy, far-far away, in a place known only as Orlando, Florida- Disney is opening a completely immersive Star Wars themed hotel. It’s safe to say that everything, beginning with check in, will be far from any stay you’ve ever experienced. Seriously, how many times in life are you going to run into C-3PO in the elevator, only to have him recognize you and send you on a mission. Since the whole stay is immersive, this may just be an experience worth traveling lightyears for.

a group of people in a spaceshipUpon check in you become a Star Wars citizen, and everyone- literally everyone, acts the part. All employees remain in character 24 hours a day and even the cocktails will relate to Star Wars. Before you go there- there’s no need to ask for a room upgrade: all rooms feature a view of outer space. Once settled in, guests have the option of dressing up and getting into Star Wars character- but dress up or not, you’ll be an active participant in an immersive experience. Each guest becomes a part of the daily Star Wars story, and actions have consequences. According to Endgadget

“For example, you may see Chewbacca around talking to Hondo. They’re up to no good and could be recruiting a group of people to go on a mission. So then you’d go on the Millennium Falcon ride, one of two in the park. Based on how you and your crew does on that ride (the ride will allow each individual person to have their own job aboard the Falcon), you could get some extra republic credits afterward, or maybe a stern talking-to. If you’re really, really bad though, bounty hunters might hunt you throughout the park, like a new one named Harcos.”

a group of people in a room

a group of people in a roomSo… when? The aptly named Star Wars Hotel is part of a larger Star Wars related project sweeping into Disneyland Anaheim and Disney World, with estimated completion in 2019. Until then, may the force be with your wallet- for an experience of this magnitude, we can’t imagine it will be cheap.

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