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As of July 30th, 2020 Brazil, the jaw droppingly beautiful country with rich culture, outstanding food and the world’s most famous beaches has dropped covid-19 related travel entry restrictions for visitors. Basically, if you could visit before, you’re allowed to visit again, even just for tourism. The question is: should you go?

As one of the countries worst hit by the global pandemic, Brazil isn’t necessarily wrong to open borders, but it might be wrong to pass through them. It doesn’t make sense to keep healthier people out, particularly those from lower infection zones, where people entering the country pose less risk than the majority of people already in the country.

That’s in no way an endorsement to travel though.

Opening doors is a gesture for when things are deemed “safe” again, and when Brazil curbs the covid-19 spread. Travel and advanced planning tend to go hand in hand, and opening up a border early puts the country on any list of potential visitor options, down the line. This is counter to the policies of another covid-19 ravaged nation, the United States, which still bars most travellers from Europe.

Countries struggling with resources like hospital beds while experiencing active spikes present unnecessary travel danger, which could easily be avoided via responsible travel to the many destinations which have low rates of infection, with entry requirements in place to keep it that way.

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Currently, Brazil is only asking for anyone entering for up to 90 days to have valid medical coverage for the duration of their travels, with no testing requirements or quarantine measures.

Brazil is one of the many countries around the world with a historically robust tourism industry employing millions, most of which is currently on life support. The World Travel & Tourism Council estimates that as many as 1,000,000 tourism related jobs are being lost daily.

Given the ongoing problems Brazil faces, with nearly 1,000 deaths daily in recent weeks as the country approaches 100,000 covid-19 related deaths overall, it will likely be a while before many travelers, who would undoubtedly face quarantine upon return to their country of origin, will flock to the breathtaking vistas all over the country again.

At the end of the day, it’s nice to know that it’s open, in case a vaccine or other meaningful development rapidly changes the travel landscape. One can only hope…

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