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It’s always caipirinha time.

Once you’ve conquered the Northern Hemisphere, you’re in for a real treat. Things in the South are hot, spicy and always exciting. In the America’s there’s hardly a more enticing destination to explore than Brazil, one of the world’s most naturally blessed countries featuring many of the worlds very best beaches. Right now there are fantastic deals from Europe which get you there for the 11+ hour flight in a bed, at prices which can rival peak economy pricing…

a row of seats with monitors on the backThe Brazil Deals

There are awesome business class sales going on from Portugal, France and Switzerland for travel to Sao Paulo or Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. You really can’t go wrong, and either way you can always connect onto the other city. These deals bring flat beds on great airlines from £1005 ($1300) round trip, which makes Brazil seem a lot closer than it actually is. Bed on plane = sleep. Champagne = fun.

BTW, here’s how to spend 48 perfect hours in Rio De Janeiro.

The Travel Dates

Depending on your departure point, these deals are around for most of 2019, particularly in March and April. We’ll tackle each option below to tell you exactly how to book your preferred flight. For the record, these deals are about as low as it gets for business class to South America.

a road with palm trees and people on itHow To Book

There are deals available from Zurich, Paris, Porto and Lisbon.

There are excellent options available with LATAM, Swiss/Edelweiss, Lufthansa and Royal Air Maroc. With this kind of savings, it can be worth redeeming points or booking a cheap flight to one of these cities, since the savings will still likely be huge. Here’s how to book each option with ease…

LATAM: The best LATAM deals are available from Porto and Lisbon for departures on Tuesdays or Wednesdays in March or April, but all throughout the year you can find fares for roughly $100-$200 more. From Lisbon you even have access to direct flights, or the ability to fly the A350 via Barcelona. Here’s a sample date. Simply change the dates and book for yourself. Here’s a LATAM business class review as well.

Lufthansa/Swiss/Edelweiss: Edelweiss operates Swiss flights to Rio, but Lufthansa has options available as well. The best Star Alliance deals with these airlines are available from Paris, France. You can find low prices all year, and Skyscanner seems to find the very lowest. Here’s a link.

Royal Air Maroc: Royal Air Maroc operates a new Boeing 787 Dreamliner for the long haul between Casablanca and Rio De Janeiro. The best deals with the airline can be found from Zurich, at a mere £1005 round trip. These deals include the ability to stopover in Casablanca for free, which is a really cool side trip. Google Flights link here.

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