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Double the points = half the work…

Collecting enough points for a great trip can be daunting. That’s especially true when people overlook opportunities like one way flights for just 4,500 points, or forget that they can collect them for things they do everyday, like buy coffee. But when you can earn double the points you usually would, for booking the same exact stuff you would’ve – the points game becomes half the work, and perhaps – double the fun. We like that. British Airways has launched a global double Avios points promo, and it’s pretty simple to enjoy…

british airways chauffeurRegister

First things first, you need to register. Sadly, any British Airways flight bookings you’ve already made won’t count, though you can always hope for a computer error. You can register for the new Double Avios Offer here. Make sure you register before making any bookings, if you want your double points delivered. Now that you’ve intelligently registered using the link above, you’re free to book your British Airways, American, Finnair and Iberia flights with double points. You’ve got a few months to take advantage.

a seat in an airplaneAvios

The double Avios offer applies to your first 10 flight segments completed by the end of 2018. This applies worldwide, to all British Airways flights in all cabins. That means you can take full advantage for up to five round trips, if you’re taking direct flights each way. The offer applies not only to British Airways flights, but also to American, Iberia and Finnair flights between Europe and North America. There’s just one catch: if you fly any of these airlines, it’ll need to be with British Airways flight numbers, booked through British Airways, also known as codeshares.

a plane flying above the cloudsBonuses

The Double British Airways Avios applies to the standard number of points you’d earn for a flight, and doesn’t include bonuses for being an elite traveler. Basically, you’ll earn double points for the flight, and then you’ll also earn any eligible bonuses for being a British Airways Bronze, Silver or Gold Member, and any bonuses for flying in Premium, Business or First. Basically: you lose out on nothing, and stand to gain double the base points – and that’s good.


Avios aren’t just about long haul flights. Avios are an incredible way to upgrade from premium economy to business class at exciting rates and hardly any cash, or to cover last minute short flights which require very few points, instead of an ungodly amount of cash! Here are the best ways to spend British Airways Avios in 2018, in case you’re into that sort of thing…

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    1. They scored an own goal here. Everyone is eligible, you just may need to click “already registered” if you get an error. IT is hard, apparently…

  1. Double Avios – an increasingly worthless currency but BA WILL put your real currency at risk with insecure systems and are likely to land you hungry and uncomfortable having failed to load adequate food and service their cabins. Let’s not get started on the absence of cleaning or customer service.

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