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I’m a huge Blade fan. As a New Yorker, the addition of a $195 (or $145 with a promo code) option of taking a gorgeous 7 minute helicopter ride from Manhattan to New York’s JFK, LaGuardia or Newark Airports is a triumph.

It’s allowed me extra hours for work, friends and family, not to mention some of the best sunset pictures imaginable. The New York skyline and sunset is kind of a big deal.

And now, Blade is flying further East. In fact, it’s crossed the pond over to Europe. In a letter to subscribers, Blade announced that it’s officially acquired three urban mobility companies in Europe. The acquisitions make Blade the largest helicopter passenger service globally.

Not resting on the news, Blade is launching flights with immediate effect, starting up service between Nice and Monaco for the Grand Prix, all for $220 per passenger. With hope, it’s not the only route launch on the way.

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Blade Launches in Europe

Would I love Blade helicopter flights between Central London and Heathrow? Yes, yes I very much would. Blade has significantly transformed the airport commute experience in New York and LA, and Europe appears next.

Time is money, and money is time, and that’s where Blade shines.

Helicopters are the today, but electric vehicles — and eventually, autonomous electric air vehicles — are the big future. Climbing over traffic is a huge selling point, and at the democratized prices blade Brings, more people can enjoy.

In New York, Uber Black rides to the airport are often well over $100 during rush hour, so Blade can price out cheaper, even falling within allowed corporate spend limits.

“For the first time ever, BLADE is providing flights between Nice and Monaco, flying directly over the Mediterranean coastline en route to the Monaco Grand Prix. Swap the 3+ hour race week drive for a 7-minute panoramic and breathtaking flight over the unmatched vistas of the French Riviera.”


With disjointed operations and relatively low marketing reach, helicopter and private jet access in Europe hasn’t been nearly as prolific as operations in the US. With Blade taking over boutique firms, with reach to a significant customer base, that may get a lot better.

There are so many precarious routes and mobility commutes in Europe ripe for a new and disruptive option. Now, it’s time to see if Blade can succeed.

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  1. How would they do Heathrow to London?
    Blade intentionally flies over water. That’s likely how Nice to Monaco works.

  2. My first, & certainly last, experience w/ Blade (In NY) has been horrendous. Except for a couple of folks on the lower end of the food chain w/ no authority, the company has 0 sense of customer service. They don’t respond, are arrogant, & down right despicable. In short, they’ve exhibited pure corporate greed & disdain for a customer. I’m in the process of taking them to small claims court. Sorry for a negative comment, but this has been my experience.

      1. Re. this issue? Sure. This began @ the end of 2019. Bro was coming to visit me in NY w/ his partner for Xmas. I bought 2 one way flights on Blade for them to return to JFK as a gift. The day of the flight it was foggy & Blade could not fly. Fine. Then 2020 came & you know what happened to travel. I asked Blade for a refund & they said no. They would extend my credit. I reminded them what was happening in the world & also told them that 3 different airlines refunded me that year no questions asked. Blade was adamant, no refund. The last e mail I had w/ an employee said he was extending my credit & did not give an expiration date. Now we’re in 04/22. Bro is coming back w/ his partner. He contacted Blade & a sympathetic staffer said he could not honor the credit but he’d pass him to a supervisor. This supervisor had 0 c.s. skills or courtesy. She was not honoring the $400. credit. So, now I contact them. I also had a good staffer who said she would honor the credit if she could but she doesn’t have the juice to do so. She advises me to write an email w/ my story & she promised to get it to someone over the head of the previously mentioned useless supervisor. I have all the names & mails. This was early April & they didn’t have the courtesy to even respond. I know the monetary value of their company, they were talking about going public, & now they’re in Europe yet they refuse to refund me or even let me use a $400. credit. Their attune is disgusting & the epitome of corporate greed which is why I taking legal action against them, even if it costs me money. I doubt they would treat you this way since your doing business w/ them. Thanks for the opportunity.

        1. Hey, I’m sorry to hear that. If true, which I don’t doubt, it’s not a good way to handle customers anywhere, let alone a premium market. For the avoidance of doubt, I don’t “do business” with them. Like anyone who has flown blade, I have a friend referral, but there’s no business agreement and I’ve never been paid to promote Blade in any way. I’ve paid for every ride too.

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