What’s easy to obtain, hard to spend and patriotic as all hell? American Airlines miles of course. Earning miles is easy, spending them…not so much. We all want to maximize our value and a big part of that is knowing a good deal when you see it. Whether you have 5,000 miles or 500,000 miles these are the best ways to spend your patriotic US Airways American miles…

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Off Peak Coach Awards

Are a fantastic resource for anyone looking to stretch miles and explore new countries. Taking advantage of these off peak times will save you between 2,500 to 10,000 miles each way in coach, which can mean dirt cheap mileage. Many great destinations such as Japan, Europe, South America, the Caribbean, Hawaii and Mexico are included and have a wide range of dates. Click here for detailed dates by destination. Europe for 40,000 miles round trip? I’ll take it.

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Qatar Business Class US to Maldives

Talk about luxury and seclusion. The Maldives are high on my list of destinations to visit but the long flights and high redemption costs have been prohibitive. For 135,000 miles round trip in Qatar’s super luxe business class, I could be very tempted. This flight would include a stopover in Doha on the way, which depending on how you see things, would be an excellent opportunity to stop over for a couple of days and explore the Middle East, or just a slight inconvenience on the way. 

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Cathay Pacific First Class 

Is stunning. Using American miles might be one of the most reasonable ways to experience it at just 67,500 miles each way. I always advocate mixing coach, business and first to stretch your miles. Taking advantage of Saver awards to Japan, you could reach Asia for only 25,000 miles and use those 67,500 to get you back in style, while also creating an Open Jaw (the ticketing technique not your response to the seat). 

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Business Class to South America 

I just love South America. Caipirinhas, wine, beautiful beaches, what’s not to love? For those of us in the United States, the flight is however very long at just over 10 hours. Being able to snag round trip Business Class on American or TAM for only 100,000 miles round trip is a super deal and will give you the comfort to arrive in peace.

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My best advice is to plan, research and then book. Don’t book without research. The first number of miles you may see if you search dates will more often than not, be more than you should actually use. Get creative, combine cabins, create open jaws and make a memorable trip. 

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