Lounge access is an absolute game changer when it comes to travel. Whether its beating the crowds, free wifi, drinks, comfy chairs, food, or all the above, lounge access means waiting is no longer the hardest part. Any lounge is great but the lounges below are simply the best and your experience starts the minute you arrive at the airport. Miles are everywhere so experiencing these lounges may be even closer to reality than you think. If miles or first class tickets aren’t an option you are still in luck, check out our previous post WTF is A Lounge and How Do I Get In on getting into lounges at virtually every airport regardless of airline status or cabin, they just might not be as epic as these.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse LHR

The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at Heathrow is an extra sensory experience. For starters, There is a movie theatre, hot tub, bumble and bumble hair salon, massage facility and multiple great bars and bistros to eat in. The best part: its all free. You can read our full review of the flagship clubhouse for proof! One of the neat extra’s with Virgin Upper Class from London, is the Upper Class Wing, which acts as a private terminal where a Virgin Representative comes out to your car to hand you your boarding pass and take your bags before whisking you through private security and into the clubhouse. You won’t want to leave!

a large sphere from a circular object

a large room with a large bar and a large counter

a couple of women wearing red uniforms holding drinks

How to Get In:

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse access at Heathrow is reserved for Upper Class passengers and top tier fliers (Virgin Atlantic Gold or Delta Diamond). If buying an Upper Class ticket isn’t quite in your plans, you can fly upper class for 40,000 miles one way which offers a reasonable way for anyone whose been saving those miles to experience this rockstar treatment. 

Air France La Premiere Lounge CDG

The La Premiere Wing and Lounge at Charles De Gaulle (Paris) is an all encompassing experience with a similar yet more sophisticated approach. Once at the airport a porter meets you at your car to take your bags and offer your boarding pass before speeding you through security and into the lounge. The lounge itself offers a romantic dimly lit Champagne bar, many reading and seating areas, a spa and numerous a la carte or seated dining options. The real kicker is that everyone flying La Premiere class gets a private car transfer directly to their plane where they are taken on board and personally introduced by a staff member to the crew. Wow…

a room with red and white chairs

a bar with red lights

a room with white furniture and tables

How to Get In:

Access to the lounge is open to international first (La Premiere) and business class passengers though private car transfers are generally reserved solely for La Premiere passengers. Air France tends to reserve using miles for La Premiere to its own flying club “Flying Blue”. If you have a bunch of miles and want to fly La Premiere using them from Paris will create the best possible experience. 

British Airways Concorde Room LHR

The Concorde Room is British Airways highest level of service. Offering total seclusion and elevated menus the lounge is designed to perfectly compliment the British AIrways First experience. You can pre-book “cabanas” in the lounge which are basically the rock and roll equivalent of a backstage dressing room complete with bathroom, shower, couch, writing desk and television all to yourself! You can order food and drinks (all free) right to your cabana making the airport feel like your own private home just better! If you have Avios to blow before they self destruct in April why not give it a go?

a room with a wine rack and chairs

a group of people standing at a bar

a room with couches and tv

How to Get In:

The Concorde Room is strictly British Airways First passengers and those holding the invitation only Gold Guest card. If you are flying in Club World or Club Europe fear not, the lounges feature great amenities. 

Lufthansa First Class Lounge/Wing Frankfurt  

Do you like Porsche rides? Who doesn’t. If you are in the Lufthansa First Wing you will be getting a ride to your bird in a Porsche or worst case, a Mercedes! The lounge is in a self sufficient terminal providing the same all encompassing service as Virgin Atlantic and Air France at an even more refined level. As the entire lounge operates on its own everything from check in to security and passport control is personalized. Once inside there is truly something for everyone featuring one of the most impressive bar and food menus(all free)  I’ve seen to date. Forget about your flight? Don’t worry someone comes around to collect you and give you your lift in a shiny Porsche!

a room with chairs and tables

a black car with its doors open

a bar with many bottles of alcohol

How to Get In: 

It’s not called the First Class Wing for nothing! This privilege of flying is only for passengers flying Lufthansa First. As a Star Alliance member, there are great opportunities to redeem miles for one of these tickets using many currencies within the Star Alliance such as United or Singapore Airlines. 

You’ve now seen the best, should we look at the worst?

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