A bottle of 2004 Dom Perignon retails for roughly $200 per bottle. For just a bit more than that, you can drink as many bottles as you like aboard some of the most luxurious cabins in the sky. For many of these tickets, if you drink three bottles (not a recommendation), you’ll have covered your ticket in liquid, let alone solid gold and wooden accented beds in the sky…

All flights go in both directions and round trip is generally less than double the price. With these deals you’ll get the experience, it may just be shorter than you wish…

a bed with rose petals on it

Emirates First Class Bangkok To Hong Kong

Cost: $500-$800

Emirates First Class is so bling bling. If you’ve ever wanted to know how it feels to travel like an Emirati royal, you can grab a First class seat on the three hour flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong. We’re talking about a private A380 suite in the sky here. The amenity kit alone is pricey..

a seat and a monitor in the back of a plane

British Airways First Class London To Madrid Or Doha To Bahrain

Cost: $300-$600

For a quintessentially British experience, complete with members club style reading lamps, classic creamy color palette, oh and of course an extra long flat bed, check out British Airways First Class. Between the Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle and Johnny Walker Blue, you’re going to hope they need to circle for a bit. If you want to check out BA’s new First cabin, you can also book Abu Dhabi to Muscat.

a bed with a pillow on it

Garuda First Class Jakarta To Singapore

Cost: $600-$950

Imagine boarding an airplane with no one in sight, reclining into your double wide bed and sipping only the finest. You can do more than imagine with this short hop between Jakarta and Singapore, allowing you to sample some regional fine dining. You just may need to take some of it to go…

a tv on the side of a plane

Emirates First Class Auckland To Sydney


If rummaging through the outback or bountiful lands of New Zealand has left you in need of a shower, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to slip on that Emirates robe, just like in the commercials, and grab a shower somewhere over the Tasman sea. If that’s not enough, rest assured, there will be some vintage booze, some fine dining and one hell of an amenity kit to go along with it.

a table with food on it

Swiss First Class Dubai To Muscat

Cost: $350-$500

The Swiss are known for timely precision and in this instance you’ll hope for anything but. As you settle into your extra large suite with wood trim, big screen television and, of course, Swiss chocolate you’ll soon realize that this is an experience worth repeating over and over, especially at this price!

a bed in a plane

Korean Air First Class Vienna To Zurich

Cost: $450-$700

You’ll feel the comfort of a Viennese symphony as you slip into a (slightly brief) sleep between Vienna and Zurich, as you experience the joys of Korean Air’s swanky first class on this excellent intra European route. A taste of the good life is better than no taste at all…

This one may require calling into Korean Air to get First booked. You can book business online.

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