Well folks, from the flight deck, we’ve now covered all flight cabins. The worst economy, the best economy, premium economy and business class. That leaves us here. When business class is not enough, there’s only one way to go. First class. If that’s not enough, perhaps the looney bin or the White House is the next stop. International First class has become such a luxurious, refined experience, it’s hard to imagine that a private jet could offer more comfort, better food or more service. Here are the five best seats in the world…

a hotel room with a bed and a glass of water

a bed with a pair of socks on it

Etihad First Apartment (A380)

I mean come on, as if First class isn’t enough you make it into an apartment?! Etihad First Apartment offers the most spacious “first class” seat, with a seat and a separate bed, all with the privacy of a closed door. As you’d expect everything when it comes to service is done with a white glove and everything you eat or drink is top shelf, from top chefs.

a bed with rose petals on it

a woman standing in a chair looking at a window

Singapore “R Class” Suites (A380)

What happens when you take a luxury yacht designer and convince them to design an airplane seat? You end up with something that feels like a luxurious cabin, complete with portholes. Singapore Suites are an insanely beautiful way to travel, with the middle seats converting to a double bed for those traveling together. Before you ask, yes, vintage Dom Perignon and the airlines signature “Book the Cook” service is on offer. Steak of Lobster?!

a small table with a small tray and a bed in a plane

a woman standing in an airplane

Emirates First Class Suite (A380)

I don’t think many people realize that Jennifer Anniston’s seat in that commercial was so much more than a dream. A fully enclosed wood grain and gold suite is just the beginning. You’ll find a glamorous on board bar, showers and service fit for a king, or an Emirati prince. You’ll find one of the widest and most well appointed seats in the sky, with some of the softest bedding and fabrics to give you more than a feeling, of luxury.

a room with a television and a chair

a bed in a plane

Air France La Premiere (B777)

Curtains please. Leave the champagne bucket. Air France La Premiere may not have a solid bullet proof door, but the window seats, for solo travelers, feature a complete privacy curtain, reaching higher than the best bulletproof doors. It’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing spaces ever put on a plane.  With only four other La Premiere passengers on the plane, it’s safe to say you’ll be well looked after. Oh, and that doesn’t start at the gate. Each La Premiere passenger has a dedicated airport concierge to assist them throughout every point in their journey. You’ll also find a rare Deutz 2000 vintage champagne, which is never sad.

a woman in uniform holding a gift

a row of seats on an airplane

Asiana First Suite (A380)

Asiana features a fully enclosed suite, vintage Pol Roger 2000 Winston Churchill champagne, one of the largest television screens on any airplane, at 32” and some of the most service oriented crews in the business. Still questioning my decision for number five? With so many airline nipping at it’s heels it’s the exclusivity of the closed door, the oversized television and the inventive, national cuisine that wins out here.

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