And….relax. That’s exactly how I feel once I’ve been scanned into an airport lounge, ready to take the first sip of something calming and get a little peace and quiet, before yet another flight. All lounges are amazing perks, but there are a few which really separate themselves, offering hilarious experience, one would not expect to get at an airport, especially for free…

a woman cutting a man's hair

Bumble + Bumble Hair Salon At The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses In London and New York… 

It doesn’t matter whether I actually need my haircut or not, If there’s a free haircut on offer in the airport, which I can get while having a complimentary cocktail, I’m totally getting my haircut. The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses in New York and London offer top notch hair cutting facilities for men and women, ensuring you look like a star on the plane, or at least someone with a fresh haircut.

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Observatory Outdoor Deck At Delta Sky Club JFK

Calling all who enjoy catching a tan, airplanes and swanky spaces. Now that everyone reading this is on the same page, the Delta Sky Club at JFK offers an amazing outdoor space, with nearly 360* views of the airport, allowing you to watch take off, landing and everything in between, all while enjoying food, drinks and comfy couches. It’s so nice that I once got sunburned before a long haul flight. Yikes!

a room with couches and a table

Private Relaxation Suites At Heathrow, Hong Kong, Doha and Bangkok…

I’ve said that a great airport lounge can be like home, only better, with waiter service and free food and booze, I stand by that but it leaves on problem, random people. For those that don’t want to share a moment of their fancy journey on British Airways First Class, Cathay First Class or Qatar First Class, you can book a private cabana, shower suite, bedroom, or even all, to enjoy the airport as if you truly are home…alone. The only stranger you encounter might be your waiter as he spoils you rotten! Qatar offers dedicated bedrooms for first class passengers, British Airways offers private cabanas with televisions, Cathay offers private bath and shower suites, as well as meditation rooms, and Thai offers private living room set ups. enjoy!

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Jacuzzi + Sauna At Virgin Clubhouse London Heathrow

I always say that Virgin Atlantic is a living and breathing Austin Powers approach to flying. It’s swanky, eccentric and just a little bit cheesy. Well, if you’ve ever wanted to truly experience the high life, borrowing a pair of Richard Branson’s swim trunks for a little R&R in a sauna and jacuzzi, all while inside an airport, you’ve met your match with the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. All lounge guests have access to the hot tub, shower and sauna facilities, which create a real scene! It’s a “you only live once” experience…

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Spa + Massage At Many Lounges

Many leading business and first class lounges have spa’s on the premises. If you’re traveling in business or first, you’re likely entitled to at least a 15 minute massage or spa treatment. You’ll easily find this throughout British Airways, Etihad Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Japan Airlines, Thai Airways, Emirates and Air France lounge networks, and of course there will be others. A back massage proceeded or followed (or both) by champagne is one heck of an experience before a flight…

Anything to add?!

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