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There may be others, but these are consistently the best…

People first reaction to cash back is often: why would they do that? The answer is quite simple, by clicking to your favorite airlines, hotels, car rental companies and booking sites from a cash back site – the cash back site earns money. The cash back you get is them sharing their reward. There are few feelings more satisfying than instantly earning money back on every travel booking you make, so here’s how to earn the most from each purchase…

a group of currency bills and coinsYou Lose Nothing

Worried about earning credit card points, airline miles, hotel status or other perks? Using cash back sites doesn’t stop you from earning any – or all of the above. You’ll still get your credit card points, airline miles and hotel status, you just get some money back in your pocket too. And hot tip: to ensure you get your cash back – clear your cookies before a big purchase.

You Gotta Compare

In less than 30 seconds, we’ll begin comparing all the best sites, and why they might make particular sense for your travel. However, the key to cash back is comparison. Always check at least a couple sites at a time, and don’t be afraid to switch things up. Sometimes one will have an exclusive deal with your favorite hotel, offering 10x cash back. You don’t want to miss that.

a pool with palm trees and chairs on a beachTopCashBack.com

The Pitch: TopCashBack.com is one of the most reliable cash back sites for properly tracking sales, and also pays out amongst the very highest cash back rates. The site shares incentive bonuses it receive from top retailers to offer higher cash back than many competitors.

Favorite Current Offers: 12% on Expedia, 11% on Orbitz, 10% On Hilton, Accor, DoubleTree. 

Join: $10 Free Cash Back upon joining and completing a purchase here.


The Pitch: eBates.com is the major high end competitor of TopCashBack.com in the US with access to many direct booking options with airlines, car rental companies, hotel chains and travel sites alike. Thanks to their size, they’re also able to lock in large, exclusive cash back offers.

Favorite Current Offers: Up to 14% on Travelocity, 12% On Hilton, 4.5% on Intercontinental.

Join: $10 Free Cash Back upon joining and completing a purchase here.


The Pitch: QuidCo.com is fast gaining major fans in the UK with some extreme cash back deals. As a growing business, they’re attempting to gain market share with improved tracking standards and by beating other cash back offers. Some are tough to beat.

Favorite Current Offers: Up to 15% On AccorHotels, 12% on Hotels.com, 2% on British Airways.

Join: £5 Free Cash Back upon joining and completing a purchase here.


The Pitch: BeFrugal.com offers an intense array of cash back options, with plenty of partners for every day spending as well as travel.  But they’ve also built their own hotel booking site, which offers high cash back rates.

Favorite Current Offers: Up to 35% on BeFrugal Hotels, 9% on IHG, 13% on Priceline.

Join: $10 Free Cash Back upon joining and completing a purchase here.

Why not try them all? For comparison purposes – of course!

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  1. Hi,

    Just wondering if you can help me with a little problem.

    Back in February, Topcashback were promoting a Ladbrokes offer. Basically you opened an account, deposited £10 and bet online. Ladbrokes would then give you £50 cashback. I opened the account, deposited £10 and made a bet. Then I waited, and waited, and waited. My £50 cashback was showing as ‘pending’ for months. Last week it was shown as ‘declined’. I contacted Topcashback and have lodged a claim. They have told me I’m likely to received NOTHING as Ladbrokes will not honour any claim made after 30 days of taking up the initial offer !!!!!

    Have you heard of this happening to anyone else? I’m so annoyed……it’s a bloody scam in my eyes.

    I received £55 cashback from a similar deal with Coral, no problems.

    Thanks for taking time to read this plea for help !!



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