First mistake: currency exchange at the airport…

The world is going “cashless” and some countries such as Sweden and Norway already largely are. Where travelers might expect to see “no card” signs, they now find “no cash” warnings. But that’s not everywhere.

From German cafes to street markets in Laos, there are a million reasons to carry cash abroad and even more ways to overpay for it in the process. For once and for all, here’s how to get the best rate on currency cash exchanges, wherever you go…

Don’t Do This

Know this: the airport is not the best place to take out money, wherever you go. Those inviting booths are ripping you off. Airport currency exchange businesses dangle great customer bait, with currency tickers and signs like “no commission”, or “no fee” but even if either are true, you’re not getting anywhere near the best rate of exchange that you’d see if you google something like US Dollars to Indian Rupees. In fact, you’ll get around 10% less cash on average.

Why That’s True

These airport services, much like high street “currency exchange” stores in touristy areas give you a consumer rate of exchange rather than an actual banking currency exchange rate. To be clear: the bank rate of exchange is better than the consumer rate of exchange. So whereas the British Pound is currently worth $1.29 USD via bank rate, you’d end up getting around $1.19 for each pound you exchange through one of these consumer currency exchange stores. Not good.

Hot tip: Google is a great way to get instant currency exchange rate updates. Simply searching “1 GBP to USD”, or “500 INR to HKD” will show you a real time estimate. You can see roughly how much you should be getting for any amount.

Don’t Do This Either

Taking out “too much” money abroad increases the likelihood that you’ll end up getting hit with bad exchange rates or fees at the beginning and end of your trip. Getting hit on one end is bad enough, but both ways – double bad! Airport currency exchange businesses love when you’ve got an extra $50 you need to get rid of, and give an extra poor exchange rate for such small exchanges. Don’t take out too much, but don’t take out too little either. If you do take out too much, spend it on something good.

Currency Exchange TravelHere’s How To Take Money Out Abroad

You’ve got options, which is nice. Technology and competitive banking has greatly transformed the landscape for taking cash out and new apps are taking things even further. The best ways to take out foreign currency are…

  • To use your debit card to make one large withdrawal at your destination.
  • To visit your bank at least 10 days before travel and make an exchange.
  • To load money onto a new style of payment app with no ATM fees.

Visiting The Bank

Many banks are happy to arrange foreign currency for you for no fee or minimal fee. By going through the bank, you’ll naturally get the more competitive bank rate of exchange which gives you more for each buck you exchange. Plan for at least 7-10 business days for your currency to arrive, so planning ahead is big here, but it’s unnecessary if you have a good debit card to use abroad.

Use Your Debit Card When You Land

Be sure to inform your bank of your travels in advance, but one of the best strategies can be taking out money with your debit card at destination. Taking out one big withdrawal means you only get hit with one ATM fee, if any. This allows you to take advantage of real time bank rate of exchange while paying a small flat fee (usually around $5) for most travelers. Even with the fee it’s going to get you more money than using an airport service. Always confirm any fees before going through with a transaction.

Use Clever New Money Apps

The list is almost endless. New apps and banking products are emerging each day, which allow you to take money out abroad with no fees. Woohoo! And yes, that definitely makes the method above even more compelling! Rather than endorse one, we highly suggest investigating: Monese, Charles Schwab (US), Revolut, Starling Bank (UK), Monzo (UK).

That’s it, no excuses.

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