The main (and only) argument against travel is money. And it’s totally fair. Though there are so many fantastic things people can do to earn free travel without leaving home, most travel does cost money. In recent years, air travel packages have become more competitive than ever. And competitive for travel brands, means savings for us. Here’s how to book amazing package deals in Europe for under €150 per person.

a bridge over a river with buildings and treesBest Bet: Airline Packages

Airlines don’t just want “some” of your travel bucks. They want every cent. To do so, they’re willing to undercut all their usual prices to win your holiday money. With so many competitive airlines in Europe, the situation is cut throat – and that means truly fantastic deals. We’ve picked the airlines with the best booking interface and most importantly – prices.

British Airways

If you’re one of those travelers that can’t imagine travel without checked bags, this may be your best bet. All British Airways “Holidays” deals include a checked bag on top of usual carry on allowance. If London works as a departure point, it’s easy to find deals under €150 per person including flights, checked bags and a five star hotel for both nights.


Lufthansa operates an excellent holiday site, very similar to British Airways. You don’t need to specify a destination to see the best offers. You can select flexible dates, specific amount of nights or flexibility and other great features. Plus, you get the benefit of the Lufthansa network. Tons of great deals to be had.


Looking to jet off from places all over the UK? Ryanair has some of the cheapest deals around. These deals do not include checked baggage, but offer cheap flights and great hotels from many departure points all around the country. We found countless five star deals under €150 right here.


KLM doesn’t offer the best booking interface, but if you’re in Amsterdam, or loyal to SkyTeam, they have some fantastic deals, which you can find on this page. Often the prices are actually lower than what they advertise on the first page!


For travelers based in Europe, Norwegian offers some solid deals. They’re harder to search, since the site doesn’t offer a great sorting method of the best deals without specifying exactly where you want to go, but there are savings to be found, if you’re willing to put in the time.

a city skyline with lights reflecting on waterNext Bet: Booking Sites

From members only sites to simple online travel agents, there are excellent opportunities to score deals by selecting a package. Packages are the only way airlines or hotels are allowed to sell travel at prices lower than their “lowest published rate”, which means you can find whopping deals.

Secret Escapes

SecretEscapes is a “members only” site, but anyone can join for free. Once you’re “in” you can take advantage of very limited time sales and deals. Many of the deals are hotel only, but you can add flights directly on the site. They negotiate their own deals, so you’ll find exclusive boutiques which other sites may not offer. Check it out here.

Voyage Prive

Voyage Privé is one of the most successful companies in this space, and have negotiated exclusive deals with many of the best hotels in Europe. They work to secure special airline deals from quite a few European and UK cities allowing you to book top packages. Your best bet is their flash sales, which are easy to sort.


Expedia owns eBookers and quite a few other massive booking sites. You’re likely to find the same deals across all sites, though it never hurts to take a look at the others. But with all that booking power, Expedia can unlock many of the best package deals, saving up to 85% compared to booking separately. We suggest starting here.

What’s your booking secret for cheap European holidays?

Featured image courtesy of Aria Budapest.

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