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And socks aren’t even a bad idea…

The countdown is on. Somewhere, someone is counting on you to make this holiday season different. A year where fake smiles are replaced by genuine joy, as the traveler in your life gets holiday gifts they can actually make use of over and over again. Travelers are a particularly tricky bunch to shop for, but for everything from stocking stuffers to royal gifts we’ve got it all covered. Here are the best holiday travel gifts for every budget in 2018…

a group of clear bags with makeup brushes and a flowerANRUI TSA Approved Clear Toiletry Bag

“Liquids must be placed in a clear plastic bag and removed from your luggage”. If you’ve traveled, you’ve heard this one before. The ANRUI clear toiletry sets are the perfect way to keep all your liquids, gels, aerosols and magic beauty secrets in one place and ready for inspection. At $5 and up, they’re an amazingly useful stocking stuffer.

Price: $5 and up. Link: ANRUI Toiletry Kits

a multi colored plugsFlight 001 Universal 5-In-1 Adaptor + USB Charger

Electricity is a lot like language. Devices from all over the world don’t always understand each other. Fortunately, the Flight 001 Universal Adaptor will get you plugged in and charging virtually anywhere in the world and offers USB ports to make things even easier. There are many options on Amazon, but this is one of the very best. Plus, it looks cool.

Price: $35 Link: Flight 001 Adapter.

a close up of a colorful objectT2 Stainless Steel Tea Mug

You may not think of a tea mug as life changing, but you probably haven’t experienced T2. The double enforced stainless steel mug can keep a beverage icy cold or piping hot for hours. In fact, you won’t want to put the lid on until your beverage nears drinking temperature! This is a perfect way to stay hydrated or caffeinated while traveling. Bring it through airport security empty and fill up while reducing your footprint. You’ll never approach hot or cold beverages the same…

Price: $35 Link: T2 Mug.

a phone charging from a suitcaseAway Travel Carry On Luggage

For years there’s been a divide. All the good luggage was ridiculously expensive, and all the cheap luggage just wasn’t good enough. With a direct to consumer approach, Away Travel came in and changed the game with $225 carry ons which can fit enough clothes for any diva. Not just that, they have removable batteries for charging on the go, which are completely compliant with all international laws. This suitcase has been around the world many times, and it’s still the go to.

Price: $225 (free holiday shipping) Link: Away Carry On

Invalid request error occurred.TripIt Pro Travel Organization App

Ask just about any travel crazy road warrior, and they’ll say they can’t live without TripIt Pro. The app automatically sync’s all reservations and provides intuitive and up to the minute info like gate changes, where the rental car counter is and just about everything else. It even tells you if airlines owe you money for a flight delay. You’ll get everything from real time alerts to dinner directions. It’s a game changer and a great gift…

Price: 24.99 – $49 per year (On Sale) Link: TripIt Pro

a black headphones and a caseBose Quiet Comfort 35 II Noise Cancelling Headphones

You won’t care about noise on planes if you can’t hear it. The Bose QC35’s are some of the very best travel headphones, with active noise cancellation and extremely good comfort. There’s even a microphone so you or your favorite holiday gift recipient can walk around the airport looking as if they’re talking to themselves. Many people also love the Bang and Olufsen H9i’s and really, you can’t go wrong either way. If someone doesn’t like these, take them off the holiday gift list!

Price: $299 (On Sale) Link: Bose QC 35 II Headphones

92770239 - tired passenger sleeping on the airplane at window seatCopper Woven Long Haul Compression Socks

Anti bacterial, anti DVT and everything else you need for a long flight. Copper compression socks can make a huge difference in swelling and health issues on long flights and these are the very best. On flights over 5 hours, you’ll notice a huge difference. For a long haul flyer these are must have holiday gifts and at the price, you really can’t argue.

Price: $15 and up. Link: Copper Compression Flight Socks

holiday giftsCarry On Cocktail Kit For Perfect Drinks

These days you’re lucky if you get a free pour, let alone some decent mixers. W&P Design’s Carry on Cocktail Kit is the most amusingly brilliant stocking stuffer, bringing everything you need for a perfect cocktail in a tiny carry on kit. It’s got the syrups, mixers and even a crafty napkin. If you know someone who likes a drink at 30,000 feet, they’re going to love these. Choose from Bloody Mary, Hot Toddy, Old Fashioned, Moscow Mule and more. These holiday gifts keep on giving…

Price: $24 Link: Carry On Cocktail Kits

a room with a bed and a tvIntercontinental Ambassador Status

What if you could spend $200 and get someone upgrades and late checkout all year long, as well as a free weekend night certificate at any Intercontinental hotel.  Intercontinental Ambassador is a hotel elite status you can buy, which gives perks every time you stay with Intercontinental and also includes Platinum status with IHG. The status offers a free weekend night when you buy one night, which can save more than $500 on a single weekend stay. If you have someone that loves luxury travel, this is clever.

Price: $200 per year Link: Intercontinental Ambassador

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