Emirates A380 Onboard Lounge
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There are few experiences more “James Bond” than walking up to a bartender at 33,000 feet and saying “martini, shaken not stirred” on a commercial airplane. While some airlines are attempting to peel everything but the seat cushions off of planes, others are making the so called “golden” age of travel look like Oliver Twist. If you’re lusting for bars on planes, you’re going to want to fly one of these airlines, which we’ve ranked in order of how badass their bar is…

a bar in a plane

Qatar Airways

Bar available to: First and Business class passengers on A380 flights only.

Qatar Airways bar is large enough to exist on the ground, with refinements you’d be lucky to find in a five star hotel. The couches are utterly swanky, the lighting is attractive and the canapés, cocktails and champagne always go down with ease. A must…

a room with a round table and chairs

Etihad Airways

Bar Available to: Residence, First Apartment and Business class passengers on A380 only.

Etihad manages to offer the most unique bar in the sky, a round table of sorts where you can run into fellow guests flying in one of their three prestige classes. Without a doubt you’ll find the most extensive range of fine wine in this bar, so get your palate ready and taste!

a man holding a bottle of wine in an airplane

Emirates Airline

Bar Available to: First and Business class passengers on A380 only…

Though the bar area only features a few seats and a nifty circular bar in the center of the plane, it’s incredible chic and social. Perhaps most amusingly, passengers in First can have a bottle of their First Class liquor sent to the business bar, for their exclusive use. It’s a hilarious feeling having someone guard your Dom Perignon in the sky!

a room with blue seats and a table

Korean Air

Bar Available to: First and Prestige (business) class passengers on A380 only…

Korean Air offers the “celestial” bar on their A380, where you’ll undoubtedly feel “celestial”, or at least like you’re on a spaceship of the future, where people chill out drinking Absolut vodka and make their own cocktails. It’s a futuristic hot spot in the sky, which also happens to be under utilized, giving guests space to spread out, there’s even a second mini location too…

a bar in a plane

Virgin Atlantic

Bar Available to: Business class passengers on any Virgin Atlantic plane.

Virgin Atlantic is the only airline in the sky where you’re guaranteed to have a bar on the plane. That’s pretty awesome. You may only find four or so chairs, but once there it’s hard not to love the ample cocktails, champagne and crisps (that’s potato chip in American) to pass the time.

a bar in a plane

Virgin Australia

Bar Available to: Business class passengers on Boeing 777’s.

Not to be outdone by their partners Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia upped their game designing their swanky new Boeing 777 to include a full service bar, with a modern, hotel lobby styled layout. It’s not the biggest, but if at any point during your 13 hours in the air between Australia and the U.S. you need a place to hang, it’s pretty magnificent!

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