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We’re not saying these are convenient. We’re just saying they’re probably your best bets for the best business class deals. Business class may remain unaffordable from most parts of the world, but depending where you want to go – and when, these cities may hold the keys to your flying dreams. Now for getting there…

a sun shining through the treesColombo, Sri Lanka

Near India, Maldives and other Southeast Asian jaunts, Colombo struggles to sell business class fares, so they’re often incredibly “cheap”. If you’re looking to jet around Southeast Asia or even beyond to Australia, the US and elsewhere – this is a brilliant place to start.

Example: Colombo deal.

Oslo, Norway

Norway doesn’t stay wealthy by being frivolous with it’s money. Quite a few airlines such as Qatar regularly offer their lowest prices from Europe out of Oslo. It’s easy to reach with direct flights from most of Europe, including Ryanair.

Example: Oslo deal.

a city with a lake and mountains in the backgroundVancouver, Canada

These fares may not be shockingly low, but they’ll be a lot better than most cities in the US, especially if you’re heading to Asia. Vancouver is in the middle of ripe competition from new Chinese airlines and that means fare wars everywhere. Great news, eh?

Example: Vancouver deal.

Angeles City, Philippines

Want to fly round trip business to the US for like $1000? Start in CRK airport. That’s been a real fare many times historically. This international gateway area near Manila is home to extremely reasonable fares. If you don’t have any luck there, CEB airport is another winner. The Philippines is tough to beat for business deals!

Example: Angeles City deal.

a city skyline with lights reflecting on waterDublin, Ireland

Dublin is a tough battle point for airlines, so you’ll very often find fares for thousands less than those found out of London or nearby Western European cities. For transatlantic business class fares, this is a consistently great place to start – and with new competition, it may  get better.

Example: Dublin deal.

Alexandria, Egypt

Not exactly next door for most folks, but just about next to the best for fare deals up front. Alexandria (HBE) is an important destination for many carriers and if you find yourself in the area, or willing to head there – you could save a fortune with the tippy top airlines.

Example: Alexandria deal.

a city skyline with lights and a bridgeGuangzhou, China

You can find great deals at CAN (that’s the airport code). As western carriers try to crack the Chinese market – and compete with Chinese airlines, there’s fiercely competitive fares out of Guangzhou. Consider a one way ticket from a nearby Asian destination to get started?

Example: Guangzhou deal.

Frankfurt, Germany

Where there’s business, there are airlines. As a hub for Lufthansa, Frankfurt is constantly under fare sale attack from rival European, US and Asian airlines. If you’re looking to go East or West, this is an essential inclusion in any search – and easy to access from most places.

Example: Frankfurt deal.

a train going through a cityMedellin, Colombia

Medellin is a bustling place – and not just with people trying to find Escobar’s buried cash. Avianca defends its home turf against OneWorld competition from Iberia very regularly, leading to excellent sales to North America and Europe. A must look.

Example: Medellin Deal.

Toronto, Canada

Hawaii and beyond – it’s tough to beat the deals from Toronto. It’s possible to route many of the incredible deals from this top Canadian hub via US gateways, giving lots of flexibility for return journeys. If you’re in North America, it’s one of your only hopes!

Example: Toronto deal.

Other ideas? Warsaw, Cairo, Delhi, Tunis, Gothenburg. Give em’ a whirl…


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