You don’t need to look any further than fashion to know that price doesn’t always signify beauty or quality. In fact, you’ll need to look past the glaring lights and billboards to often find the best stuff. Travel is the same. There are so many earth shatteringly perfect destinations, not only offering unforgettable views, cultural experiences and cuisine, but also, extremely good value. You just need to know where to look, and of course using miles to get there will make it even better…

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Ruins, rivers, beaches, waterfalls, Cambodia is an inspiringly gorgeous place. Travel is a real pleasure and we can thank Cambodia’s failing Riel for making the trip a real bargain. Much like Vietnam, budget travelers can sleep eat and tour for less than $20 per day, while luxury travelers will feel as if the temples were devoted to them, with the ultimate in hospitality.

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You want beaches, perfect, you want mountains, perfect, you want to booze in a capital city, perfect. Most importantly, whatever you want, the declining Bulgarian Lev means that you don’t have to leave luxury behind. You’ll find spectacular wine, beer, mountains, beaches and farm to table food, none of which should run more than a buck or two.

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There are quite a few different pesos out there, and this is not one of the best, which is great news for us! You’ll find some of the best food, most beautiful mountains and delectable wine throughout the country and considering “one” of most currencies fetch about 20 Argentinian Pesos, you can get a whole lot of it.

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South Africa

You’ll find just about everything under and including the sun in a South African holiday. Safari, beaches, mountains, vineyards, all within driving distance, it truly feels like no other place on earth. There are few places I recommend more and with the plummeting of the rand, you’ll live like true kings…or queens.

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The Vietnamese Dong is the perfect pairing of the worst name and a terrible currency. You’ll experience untapped dramatic greenery, sea views, fascinating culture, rich food and true value from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. With the nearly dead Dong, especially in less touristy areas, you can travel for less than $20 a day. If luxury is your thing, you’ll get serious bang for your…dong?

palm trees on a beach

Sri Lanka

Elephants, rolling hills, tea plantations, sandy beaches. Sri Lanka is a tropical paradise, just at the tip of many of the most well known beach destinations. They’re rupee is sadly less robust. Unlike many of their neighbors such as the Maldives, tourism hasn’t hit the pop culture boom, and therefore you can experience the best of beaches, buddhism, fish curry and champagne for less than $30 dollars a day, while living like Bollywood royalty.

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