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No joke: American Airlines has flights under $250…

It’s fun to picture a big loud airhorn going off as you read this, as we sound the alarm on flight deals which make flying from the USA to Barcelona, Spain more affordable than popping over to Boston. Where else in the world can you zip from the beach to a Picasso museum to the Sagrada Familia in minutes, with delicious food and wine in between? Deal alert: Barcelona has never been closer.

a painted garage door on a buildingBarcelona

There’s never been a better time to visit Spain. For starters, getting there has factually never been more affordable. It wasn’t long ago that $500 round trip was considered a total bargain, but prices today are literally half that – and on American Airlines too. Barcelona is an action packed city, set against the sea like the Rio of Europe but laced with museums, tapas bars and perfect boulevards, all the way up to the magnificent Parc Guell.

Barcelona is whatever you want it to be in the best of ways. Party city – definitely. Culture creature heaven – most definitely. Foodie paradise? Like no other! Today you can jet off from a few U.S. cities from under $275 round trip, some under $250…

a plane flying in the skyThe Flight Deals

New York, Boston and Miami are all under $275 round trip, which means its time to get your butt into a car and start heading for one of these cities, if you’re not already there. Note: don’t actually do that, because most of these deals aren’t until April. Even West Coast flights from Los Angeles or San Francisco are under $350 round trip on American Airlines! These flash deals are created to put butts in seats and then disappear before too many people find out about them, so don’t slack off!

a pool with lounge chairs and a body of waterThe Dates You Can Travel

These deals are spread throughout 2019 giving you options in Spring, Summer or Fall. Each city offers slightly different dates, but you’ll find the very best deals in March, April or May and also in October and November. The best prices are usually for departures leaving the USA on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. We’ve made them easy to find, don’t worry.

a group of people walking in a parkHow To Book These Barcelona Deals

Life feels pretty untouchable when you’re sitting on the shores of Barcelona and booking should be equally exciting. We’ve made Google Flights links which take you directly to the best prices. Simply play with dates, change things around and find something that works for you, like…

Hot Tip: All these deals give you 24 hours from the time you book to cancel for a refund if you can’t make them work. For that reason, it’s always better to get in first than miss out!

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  1. Too bad the fare would jump hundreds of dollars to switch to main cabin from basic economy so a statehood upgrade couldn’t be used. Thanks anyways!!

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