No more stepping over snoring seat mates! Better late than never but never late is better. Business class is a cutthroat business. Gone are the days when lounge style recliners with moveable lights were the standard. We now demand a lot for our business class seat and well…. we should. Compared to years ago the cost to fly business class using miles has gone up dramatically and in this market, there are some pretty badass seats. British Airways has decided to enter the competitive market…

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Aisle access is a must, full flat is essential, larger flat screens are important and that new car smell is a nice plus. Though British Airways seat has no innovation to speak of, it’s a remarkable improvement to their last business class product, released a shocking 16 years ago and happily, it features all the above. The seats are configured in a herringbone style, virtually identical to Virgin Atlantic where all seats face inward toward the cabin. In general I really like it. What strikes me is the clean modular design with an appealing work flow. The screen is nicely located and there appears to be nice area around the edges of the seat for personal items. 

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Pictures are worth a thousand words and with the publication of the patent we should expect some real photos, not renderings in due course. No release date yet but you can expect three across on 787’s four across on 777’s and similar on the 380. It’s a vast improvement to the current eight across which, lets be honest, is laughable given the current business class offerings. Kudos BA, I like it. Just don’t let it take another 16 years to come up with your next.

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