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New York, or LA!

Bali is amazing. You’ve got all the beautiful cultural stuff, of course, but then there are the untouched beaches, crashing blue waves and rocky cliffs, setting the perfect postcard. Bali is the trip of a lifetime, and with it feeling like a lifetime away, premium economy makes a big difference. Even when you get into premium economy, there’s one that above virtually all of the rest, and that’s Singapore Air. Huge seats, big screens, incredible meals, book the cook and even real champagne is what Singapore Premium Economy is all about, and the airline is offering some fantastic deals to Bali…

a street with people and scootersThe Bali Deals

Singapore Airlines wins the award for best premium economy almost every year. Bali is amazing, every year. Seeing a coincidence? These deals have just one catch: you need to book for two passengers. Solo deals are $1500 round trip. These deals are available from both New York and Los Angeles, and at these prices may be worth using points or a cheap flight to reach either city. Bali is more fun than you can imagine, and if you want the best trael experience, it’s best to move around to nearby islands or places like Ubud or Canggu. Here’s everything you need to avoid.

a plane flying in the skyThe Dates

These deals must be booked by October 12th, so you’ve got a couple days to plan. The deals are available for travel from October 12th 2018 thru March 31st 2019, giving a nice range of dates when the weather in Bali is ideal. If you fly from New York, you even get to try out the world’s longest flight!

a landscape with clouds and mountainsHow To Book

Singapore Airlines makes these deals idiot proof. By that, we mean even an idiot could book them! Here’s a link which takes you to all the info about the New York offer, and one for Los Angeles as well. Simply follow their easy instructions to book – and start planning your big Bali trip. You’ll get a side trip to Singapore as well, if you like. Southeast Asia is totally worth the trip, and in premium economy the ride might not even suck!

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  1. From the Singapore Airlines page:

    Outbound travel period
    Fri 12 Oct 2018 to Thu 13 Dec 2018
    Tue 08 Jan 2019 to Sun 31 Mar 2019

    So not exactly “available for travel from October 12th 2018 thru March 31st 2019”

      1. “Name me a month in that range that isn’t available?”
        Hank was just sharing that there was a blackout period. Nothing wrong with that. Instead of acknowledging it you became defensive. Don’t post on the internet if you get easily offended. It hurts your credibility.

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