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At this point, we can all tell a fake virtual meeting background, right? They can be amusing for a few seconds, and even provide some awkward conversational segues, but when you see the real thing it’s a completely different story. Bali, and Indonesia with it, want you to trade your fake background for a real, idyllic backdrop, with plans for a new #digitalnomad visa.

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Bali Jumping On Nomad Digital Trend

Countries around the world are cutting the draconian rules of old, and embracing the realities of present and future. As predicted by a Japanese futurist decades ago, people are less tied to a physical working location, which in theory, provides opportunity to live anywhere that seems wonderful. Digital nomadism is here.

Now, countries want to cash in on their spending. The asterisk to that joyful digitla nomad thought, sipping from a coconut while responding to emails has always been visa red tape, residency issues, the delights of taxation and all the headaches I know too well that come with all of the above.

But what if things were simple, clean and easy, and therefore attracted outsiders to stay a while?

Indonesia, in an effort to stoke the hard hit local economy, is hoping to launch a digital nomad visa which allows people with employment outside the country to work and live remotely inside the country, and Bali is a top spot hoping to win long stay nomads.

As countries embrace the digital future, and the notion that someone already employed abroad is not taking local jobs, efforts are being made to lure in foreigners who will help prop up local businesses with strong spending and patronage. A dollar goes a long way in Bali.

Digital nomads supporting local economies with strong spending in cafes, shops, accommodation and other taxed means such as air travel, which provides massive economic opportunity for locals and the state itself. Cryptocurrency already brings challenges to traditional taxation, so embracing income and opportunity from the spending side of nomads, rather than the collection side makes sense.

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Details On Indonesia Digital Nomad Visa

SCMP reports Indonesia, and most specifically Bali, has put formal proposals in place to launch an imminent digital nomad visa, joining the likes of Greece, Portugal, Dubai and a handful of countries hopping on the trend. In December, Thailand also proposed a reduction of red tape, to lure long stay visitors into key tourism areas.

The visa would allow people to live and work in Bali for up to 5 years, without a work permit. Proposals also include paying a modest 5-10% flat income tax, or a flat fee for the visa, in lieu. Fees to apply for digital nomad visas tend to range between $750 to $5,000, depending on country and each come with different requirements as to level of income, or proof of employment.

We’ll update this story as Indonesia’s proposals for a 5 year #digitalnomad visa come to fruition, or don’t. For now, it’s another exciting potential option for people who are tired of blurring their background, if only just to save themselves another minute of looking at their four walls.

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  1. Hi Gilbert,
    Do you know if there is any new about this type of visa?
    I am an architect able to work abroad and I am planning to move to Bali with my current job as a nomad digital. I am from Spain, and nowadays I know it’s difficult to get to Bali with the current situation because of Covid.
    I would be grateful if you know anything about how to enter the country.
    Best regards

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