There’s nothing like spending your hard earned cash to go on vacation, turning up to an incredible hotel, finding a room with a magnificent view, only to wake up and see it blocked by a gigantic cruise ship. Hello party deck, goodbye beautiful sunset. There’s nothing inherently wrong with cruise travel, but the idea of 5,000 people jumping ship and landing on your quiet vacation spot just doesn’t sit well. That’s especially true when you’ve paid for those people to come and visit, in hopes of boosting tourism. The Bahamas is cutting cruise ships “off”, because no one actually comes to visit…

Sandals, Bahamas.

$12 Million

The Bahamas, like many destinations has long been keen on bringing bodies onto its shores. Tourism is one of the world’s largest industries, and it’s big money too. Spain, the world’s second most visited country brought in approximately €87 Billion last year through tourism spend alone. To lure cruise ships into its crystal blue waters, the Bahamas has paid cruise ship lines $12 Million annually, via subsidies or incentives to bring travelers. The problem? Apparently, no one leaves the ship, and the Bahamas has decided that enough is enough. Bahamas tourism minster Dionisio D’Aguilar proclaimed that the country has now “cut off” cruise companies, pending review.

cruise shipNew Port

To be fair to the enumerable cruise passengers who block wonderful harbor hotel views, there’s just not all that much to do in main cruise ports. Unlike many of the Bahamas more secluded and more desired islands, major port islands are manic. There’s very little infrastructure in place, and rampant crime. Minister D’Aguilar told the Nassau Guardian

We are the closet port to the largest cruise ports in the world – Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Cape Canaveral. So if you’re going to go on a three-day cruise, you’re coming to Nassau or Freeport. So, I don’t think there needs to be incentives; this is where people want to come, we just have to make it a wonderful place for them to visit”. 

The Bahamas plans to spend the $12 Million, and much more on revitalizing the port, including shops, restaurants and infrastructure to support the best new ships. A management team will be installed to support the vision of making Nassau and Freeport’s ports into places where you’d be crazy not to disembark. With any hope, the new refurbishment will prove so popular, there won’t be any need to pay off cruise ship companies. And the Bahamas has said if they ever do again, it will be based on how many people actually leave the ship, not just look out from it…

Have you been to the Bahamas?

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