Travel creates some of the world’s most wonderful memories, lasting years and years. One thing that it doesn’t often create is last year itself. For a group of travelers on Hawaiian Airlines, that’s exactly what it did. Forget Back to the future, this flight went back in time, trading a Delorean for an Airbus A330…

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On January 1st 2016 Hawaiian Airlines flight 458 left Tokyo at ten past midnight. Happy New Year! When it landed, the local time in Honolulu was 11:25AM… December 31st, 2015. Crossing time zones as it flew east, the plane literally reversed time into the previous year. What’s better than one New Year’s Eve, two New Year’s Eves! Thanks Doc Brown, great calculations!

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It should be noted that in anticipation of time travel wizardry like this, many airlines have already banned hover boards. That’s a true statement. It’s incredible what air travel can do to a clock. I find crossing time zones to be part of the wonderful intrigue and mystique of flying, at least I tell myself that when I wake up at 3AM ready to run a marathon. Perhaps Doc needs to help recalibrate some airline schedules. Oh, and if you’re looking for New Year’s Eve plans for next year, perhaps Hawaiian Airlines from Tokyo is the perfect way to ring in the new year, twice.

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