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The first step in influencing a frequent flier roll back is sending a high volume of powerful and concise communications regarding your concerns. The second step is knowing that the communications have been read loud and clear, that they are in some form being addressed, and that those addressing them have the power to affect them. Many readers have informed me of positive responses from British Airways to the Executive Letters they sent as per my post. If you haven’t emailed, I strongly encourage you to. If you have emailed, look out for a reply and if you don’t get one within the week, send another and make it good. I cannot disclose the details of confidential messages sent to me in private, and as of yet, no concessions to the changes have been made but this is a very positive sign and proposed changes are being discussed at the highest levels. 

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Don’t get your hopes up, British Airways is not going to say “just kidding” and keep things entirely as they were. The hope is that your most valid and equitable concerns, such as mileage earning and tier point marginalization on discounted economy fares will be modified in response to the outpour. If you are a silver, there are too many maddening issues for just one letter. Changes are being addressed and reviewed at the highest level and rollbacks are very possible. Act now and join by writing in while the issue is on the table. No airline wants to lose the bulk of its road warriors, even if they aren’t flying in first class. Butts in seats…

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Keep fighting the good fight. If you have not already, its always best to write in specifics. Make sure to note your loyalty and business history with the airline, your volume of flying, your future travel, your work and most importantly specific concerns with the changes and why they will force you to take your business elsewhere. Don’t email and say “I hate everything”. They aren’t going to fix everything. Pick something that matters to you and hammer the point of why the changes will force you to forever jump ship. And of course, use your avios before it’s too late….

As always, feel free to get in touch. Email: godsavethepoints@gmail.com

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