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First class from £1500 though… tempting.

The word “sale” makes people jump, but people jump higher when there’s luxury on the line. £285 economy tickets to New York are cool, but getting there in a bed makes things ever better. Today, New York is just one of the many places we’ve found on sale, with European business class starting as low as £95 each way and long haul flights in Club World starting at £1300.

Unlike many business class deals which require flying somewhere just to fly somewhere else, these are for direct flights from London. There’s no minimum passenger rules to be found, and if you add a hotel or car rental, you can even spread out the purchase. That’s awesome. Like most great things, this sale has an expiration date…

a glass of wine and food on a tableThe British Airways Luxury Sale

British Airways is making upgrades across all cabins, with new food, china and bedding in both business and first class. And yes, bedding means an actual bed on long haul flights, not to mention airport lounges to shower, recharge or relax. Plus, you earn a lot more Avios and Tier Points, which is always nice.

The airline has also refurbed short haul business class, and at £88 and up one way it may be cheaper than you’d usually pay for economy. Though it won’t be cheaper than economy, £1888 for first class all the way to Mexico City may be the steal here. Words are cheap, and today so is an upgraded travel experience, so we’ll cut the chit chat and show you the best deals, like…

Club Europe Business Class Sale

Club World Flat Bed Business Class Sale

Note: All these deals are cheaper if you start in Inverness. Open jaw and returning to London will still lock in the lowest price.

First Class British Airways Sale Deals

a seat with a tv and a screen on the side of the seatAdd A Hotel Or Car To Pay Over Time

No one is saying you should buy things you can’t. But just because you can buy something doesn’t mean it’s not nice to spread out the purchase over time or onto a few cards which earn points! If you add a car rental or hotel to any of these amazing flight deals, you’re able to pay for your trip over time, in as many payments as you want. There’s no interest or funny business, and the only rule is that you need to pay in full at least five weeks before you jet off. Be sure to do that. This is a fun way to split a trip, or earn points on a few different cards!

If you add a second person, there are some gems which allow this like £298 Rome or Venice with three nights of hotel, £2489 per person Cape Town with seven nights of five-star hotel and £2039 Hong Kong with 4 nights of hotel. Hong Kong is a long way to go without a bed in the sky…

a bed in a planeBooking Is Easy, Nerds

Booking is easy. Each link above takes you directly to the sale, which ends March 26th by the way. All these deals have limited seats to each destination, so if there’s something you want, it’s always good to lock it in as soon as you can confirm travel plans. Each deal will take you to the BA calendar, which shows when each deal is available.

Obviously, we want to have our champagne and cake and eat it too and in many of these deals you can, but if you’re not seeing the lowest prices instantly, try to date flexibility. Enjoy the trip…

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    1. These are from London. A good way US travelers can benefit is if they’re making a return trip in the same year. Book a separate deal to London, use these to get back to the US, and then back to London again. Cheers Frank.

    1. So glad to hear you’re enjoying the site and find these deals as exciting we do. Best of luck in your travels.

  1. British Airways luxury, isn’t that an oxymoron? Especially when you consider an airline incapable of loading enough food for it’s paying passengers, that doesn’t bother to clean it’s cabins and has done all it can (densification, failure to service IFE and seating, officious and rude staff) to make the passenger experience as miserable and uncomfortable as possible?

    1. I don’t think people in first class are worried about densification, and I’m pretty sure they’ll be fed.

  2. You should try AirNZ for 5* service in business class in every respect. Friendliness, professional crew who always make eye contact and smile, are asked if they can do anything for you, wonderful food with a menu created by a Michilin Chef. Included in the cost of your ticket. And you are asked when you would like your bed made up, One is treated as a welcome guest. I don’t work for AirNZ and do not have a family member working for them.
    I am however very proud of my national airline. They showcase New Zealand at its best. Perhaps BA might take a test run to see how good service, regardless of where in the aircraft you are seated, should be done.
    I might add that UA could definitely learn more than a thing or two.

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