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Book these deals before it’s all over…

Most of the very best flight deals last mere hours, sometimes even minutes – but certainly not days. We’re looking at you, Cathay Pacific and your 3 digit first class fares! Once or twice a year however, airlines put out their very best sales, to get them through shoulder season and some of those sales offer true bargains. British Airways January Sale comes to a close on the 31st, and before they pass you by, there are some London deals really worth taking a peek at.

If London is not what you’re after, here’s a link to the very best of the USA deals.

new yorkReturn USA Flights From £264, Or £379 With Three Nights Of Hotel Included Too

Anyone can book these USA deals from £264 and up. It’s literally never been cheaper to fly to New York, Miami, Boston, Tampa or Chicago. The £379 deals bring British Airways flights but with the addition of three nights hotel and just one catch. For the £379 flight + hotel deals you need two people to book and you’ll be sharing the room. £758 all in for two people to go to New York, Miami, Chicago or any of these other cities with flights and hotel covered is absolutely astonishing. Even Las Vegas is going for as little as £399 per person with five nights hotel!

Booking: it’s actually really easy to book. There are dates all throughout 2019 with lots of flexibility. Just head to the USA sale page here.

a city with many buildings£38 Return Flights To Europe Or £99 Per Person Euro Holidays With Two Or More Nights Hotel

What’s better a free cup of tea, or fares lower than any other (real) airline? This sale has some of the lowest short haul prices ever offered, starting at £38 round trip, which is nuts. Even top, top destinations like Venice are available for £62 return. But if you stretch just a bit, there are some incredible values to be had with flight and hotel deals, which cover flights and two or more nights of hotel. For example, you could do Rome or Barcelona for £99 per person, if two people book together.

Booking: Here’s a list of all the cheapest flights, in alphabetical order. It doesn’t get much easier. There’s also a link to the awesome £99+ per person flight + hotel combos. Solid.

a row of seats in an airplaneWorldwide Business Class Bargains From £1350 To Excellent Destinations And £1699 Per Person With Hotels Included

Booking British Airways Club World business class flights as a holiday package has serious benefits. For starters, you can secure the trip with a £300 deposit and pay the rest over time, with no interest. It’s a cool way to comfortably cover a trip, rather than one big chunk. There are awesome flight only deals to New York from £1390 return and Nashville from £1380 too. If you add four nights of hotel you can pay over time, and the price is around £1600 per person for places like Abu Dhabi, Dominican and Orlando.

Booking: You can check out all these deals, with easy looks at availability on the British Airways luxury holidays page. It’s pretty self explanatory.

a city skyline with a body of water£569 Return Flights To Singapore With Four Plus Nights Of Nice Hotels Included

If you haven’t seen ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ you must. It celebrates everything which makes Singapore so unique, beautiful and exhilarating. It also showcases some cool airline seats, but that’s neither here nor there. These £569 per person deals to Singapore mean you can experience the far east on the way cheap, as long as you book for two. £569 for direct return flights alone is quite a deal, so taking care of hotels too just makes this a real steal. Plus, the world’s cheapest Michelin Star meal is in Singapore…

Booking: This deal is available on the British Airways “dream tickets” page, which is a great place to check back for, for deals in all cabins.

british airways chauffeur£149 Per Person Malta Trips With Seven Nights Of Hotel And Round Trip British Airways Flights

Malta is an increasingly popular destination thanks to picturesque views from just about everywhere. That, and it’s been in Game Of Thrones. It’s hard to imagine “how”, but British Airways have Malta trips for two people starting at £149 per person, which includes round trip flights and seven nights of hotel. Holidays for seven nights under £300 – that’s just nuts. By the way, when prices are that low, it’s generally a good time to book!

Booking: These Malta deals are available here. Even really nice hotels are only a few quid more!

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  1. I just purchased Los Vegas to London at the end of May returning the first week of June for 488 r.t . Great deal!

  2. At last fares that reflect the LCC levels of service and space (comfort) now offered by BA….
    These are good prices and genuinely competitive given the degraded service.
    – What about the rest of the year when service, comfort and space remain at LCC levels but fares are soooo much higher?

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