Double the Avios may double the fun.

Avios Points have their benefits from redemption flights in first class to upgrades all around the world. That, and they’re just really handy when you need to get somewhere within Europe. In the pursuit of Avios, one of the happiest times of the year is when the airline launches a double points promotion, which offers exactly what it says. You fly, and you get double the points you usually would. Here’s how to get in on the goodness…

The Double Avios Offer

For flights before December 31st, 2019, you can earn double points for your first six round trips, or six one way flights. All you need to do is register here for the UK, or register here for the USA. You must register and book before April 19th. If you have more than six round trips in the booking pipeline and one isn’t going to earn much, consider waiting to register until after that flight, but before April 19th.

If you don’t what are you waiting for?

Once you do, you’ll automatically get double points on all flights, including those with Finnair, Iberia or American between the USA and Europe, and even domestic UK flights too. Yes, BA flights to other places count too, of course. You just need to credit points your BA Executive Club account at the time of booking, by entering your Executive Club number. If you don’t already have one, it’s a good time to get one…

Register First, Book Later

Unfortunately, flights you’ve already booked don’t count. Womp, womp to that. You must register for the offer before booking flights, and once you have you’re all set. The double Avios will be added after you fly for, as long as the flights were booked within this promo window. Basically, book before April 19th for flights you actually take up to December 31st. For someone with elite status, especially Gold, this is like another 100% bonus, bringing you a 300% return or better on some fares.

A business class flight between New York and London or vice versa for a BA Gold member would earn at least 22,000 Avios round trip. The bonus applies to base miles only, and not on top of elite bonus or cabin bonuses. For a non elite, it’s a straight up double, for an elite, it’s going to add a nice chunk.

Enjoy the extra Avios Points. We certainly will…

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