British Airways is dropping the number of points you need for flights departing the UK, and that means a flight that would usually require 52,000 Avios round trip will only need 26,000 – for a limited time. I don’t hear anyone complaining. The offers bring 10% off business and first class bookings, and an impressive 50% off the usual points required in economy and premium, which makes now a pretty good time to plot your next trip, and better yet, get it booked.

Do note: this points redemption sale starts tomorrow November 7th, so get all the info here now, and then start booking tomorrow first thing. Got it? Good. 

british airways business class seatThe Avios Promotion

If you want long haul economy or premium, take 50% off the number of Avios points you were expecting to pay. For Club World business class or First Class, take 10% off. That’s the latest British Airways Avios Promotion. While 10% may not sound riveting, it’s at least 10,000 fewer Avios per person on a long haul business class return ticket, which isn’t insignificant in the slightest.

To be clear: this works for all long haul destinations, the ones below are just examples of the savings you’ll find by different routes, which helps paint the picture a little bit, for anyone who’s a bit paint by numbers.

one ways are fine too…

Standard surcharges and fees will be charged, but with half the miles required, World Traveller Plus to New York for just 26,000 Avios return is sitting extremely well, as is taking 20,000 Avios off of a first class redemption. Ready for the kicker?

I’m told you can use your Amex 2 for 1 vouchers too…

Update: Although information that 2-for-1 vouchers could be used with this offer came directly from British Airways, it appears that in practice they are not currently working. Perhaps check back again later in the day to see if the IT issues have been resolved…

Obviously, Black Friday deals are still looming, and if you prefer to go the cash route, you could put plans on hold in hopes of great flight deals in the coming weeks, but if you’ve got Avios or a voucher to burn, this is the best offer British Airways has offered.

Typically, Club World and First Class were excluded entirely, so it’s nice to see passengers up front getting some love. We know they need it…

50% Bonus On Avios Points Purchases

To coincide with the redemption offers, BA is also offering 50% bonus when you buy Avios. This is handy for anyone who’s just short of what they need to complete a booking while availability is hot. You can purchase points at 50% off here.

British Airways Premium EconomyThe Dates You Can Travel

These deals are only valid from London, but there’s no reason you can’t start a trip there to take advantage, if you’re not in London presently. You must book these deals by November 21st, for travel from November 7th 2019 (today) through April 30th 2020. There’s no blackout dates during that range. is the best tool for finding availability in your desired cabin and route, and once you do, you can book these discounted Avios redemptions online, or over the phone. The Avios redemption page can be found here.

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