British Airways "new" first class will be a modified version of this seat, with the door closed.
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Sometimes it feels like airlines are always shouting sale, but it’s the ones they announce under the radar that you want to pay attention to. Under the cover of darkness, British Airways has launched a 2 for 1 sale, allowing anyone who can find a travel buddy to enjoy business class from London starting at £1249 per person, and £1749 first class.

Where to? How about Seychelles, Nairobi, New York, Osaka and more…

The British Airways 2 For 1 Offers

It’s tough to beat a safari, but it’s also tough to beat a lovely 787 Dreamliner to the Seychelles for pure relaxation. And yeah, if you want to go to America, Tokyo, Seoul or anywhere else, there are deals for those too, and the Americas deals don’t even require two passengers. But it’s the flights to Seychelles and Nairobi we’re focusing on now, because there are three distinctly fantastic offers…

Business Class (2 For 1)

Hot tip: The Seychelles deals allow you to fly Qatar Airways for the same price on select dates.

Business Class (Solo)

First Class (2 for 1)

First Class (Solo)

The Dates You Can Travel

Each destination has different travel dates, but if you click any of the links above, it will take you directly to dates where the prices are available. So that you know what else to look for, we’ve got you covered with all the date availability for each spot, like…

Seychelles: these fares are available in all of March 2020, and then from April 13th 2020 through September 13th 2020 as well.

Nairobi: these incredible deals are available from October 12th 2019 through December 15th 2019 and then again in 2020 from February 17th through September 13th, giving a wide range!

Osaka: you can fly between November 2nd 2019 and June 30th, 2020, giving a wide range with very flew blackout dates. For direct travel to Japan, that’s amazing.

New York: these tactical fares are only available from April 5th 2020 through May 30th 2020, but if you’re visiting New York in this lovely time of year, they’re a bargain in Club or First.

How To Book These Flight Steals

Easy! All the links above take you directly to the lowest prices with British Airways, which then allows you to simply change dates to something you want and book in mere seconds. Don’t forget that you can always combine cabins, like first one way, business the other to lower the prices of the tickets.

Also, if you add hotel or car rental, you can pay over time, putting down just a £300 deposit and paying the rest with no interest up to 5 weeks before your departure. This is a great way to lighten the immediate blow, and allow you to just enjoy the high of a new vacation!


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  1. Great Post, thank you!
    Fare for 2 to Seycelles is £2490, but if I do 2 adults and 2 infants, the price for the adults jumps to £3500. Can I book just two adults at the lower fare and then call BA and add the infants over the phone and only pay their additional fare?

  2. >>> All the links above take you directly to the lowest prices with British Airways, which then allows you to simply change dates to something you want and book in mere seconds.

    All these links just take me to just the standard booking page.

    1. The links I tried worked for me! Thanks GSTP for the post!

  3. I still can’t get the links to take me to where they should. Am I the only one experiencing this? I see the Nairobi first class fares have been changed, but it still says business class.

  4. Hi , do you know if the Seychelles with BA is the new club suites, or would you recommend flying Qatar to Seychelles? Thank you in advance.

  5. Yay thanks Gilbert…
    Just booked SEZ, 10 hours direct on BA vs 14 hours on Qatar… its a 787-9 but old product 🙁 i did consider qatar.. but with a 4 year old in tow the direct flight means 8 more hours on the beach 🙂

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