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British Airways is gutting the Avios program to the point of no return. Avios are already an expensive mileage currency with ridiculous taxes and fees added to premium awards, and will be a truly wasted currency after April 28th. Spending Avios without spending a fortune in taxes is a challenge, so I have put together five ways to help you liquidate them for great Business Class tickets without liquidating your bank account. 

The key to maximizing Avios is getting better than 1 cent per mile. If you are booking a 100,000 mile ticket, make sure it costs more than £1,000 (hopefully a lot more). If you have any flexibility, starting your Avios award flight out of the country will save you at least £100 on any long haul Business class awards. If you want to squeeze two vacations into one I would also consider Open Jaw. Here are a few of the best round trip options with good availability. If coach or one way is all you require, simply cut the number in half.

London to Prague in Business Class:

18,000 Avios plus £80(or less) p/p Round Trip. A fantastic value to a staple of Eastern Europe.

a bridge over a river with buildings and a city in the background

London/Madrid to Rio De Janeiro in Business Class: 

London: 120,000 Avios and £565.56 p/p Round Trip. Madrid: 100,000 Avios and £430.90 p/p Round Trip. I personally love Rio and think its neat to see it just before the Olympics!

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New York to Los Angeles in American Business Class:

50,000 Avios and £10 p/p Round Trip. See the best of both coasts in flat bed business class with three course meal!

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London to Doha in Qatar Airways Business Class: 

80,000 Avios and £358.16 p/p Round Trip. See the site of the next world cup and experience Middle Eastern Luxe’.

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Miami to New York in American First Class:

30,000 Avios and £10 p/p Round Trip. Make it a Sun and City holiday!

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Wherever you go, make it count because Avios certainly won’t be worth nearly as much come April 28th! We are always happy to help you figure out the best use of your miles at no charge! Email us.

As always: godsavethepoints@gmail.com

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