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Spend 5,000 points, get 10,000 back?

Through the weekend, British Airways is offering a fantastic promotion. Select any long haul economy return flight from the UK, and you can take £100 off the fare using just 5,000 Avios. That’s fantastic for everyone, but if you’re a frequent flyer – it’s even better. How good? So good you almost have to smile. If you’re Bronze, Silver or Gold with British Airways, it’s time to think long haul economy…

a couple sitting on a dock by a body of waterThe Promo

Through October 22nd, British Airways UK Executive Club members can take £100 off any long haul return economy flight from the UK. There are round trip fares as low as £270 to places like New York at the moment, and using the promo, that can bring the price down to £170 +5k Avios. That’s a lot to love in itself for anyone, but for someone who’s achieved British Airways Gold, it’s golden. You’ll earn back more than double the points you’ve used! That’s like £100 for nothing!

New York

Using the Avios Calculator is a great way to figure out exactly how many elite status tier points and Avios you’ll earn for any given flight. It even takes into account your level within the Executive Club. A British Airways Executive Club Gold member can use just 5,000 Avios to take £100 off an economy return flight, just like anyone else. Using New York as an example, you could pay £170 + 5k Avios, and since it’s a cash fare you’ll earn Avios and tier points. Most cheap economy fares will earn 70 tier points round trip, and even the lowest basic economy fares earn 40 round trip. A Gold who used 5k Avios would earn back 10,374 on most low economy fares, and 8,650 on the lowest basic options.

Silver Or Gold

If you’re a British Airways flyer with 5,000 Avios sitting around and a desire to go somewhere long haul, you’d almost be crazy not to take advantage of this promotion. If you’re a traveler who also has British Airways Executive Club Silver or Gold status – you’re officially crazy. Any Silver tier member and above would at the very least break even on points, earning a minimum 5,000 Avios back. That essentially means you got £100 off for nothing, and on some fares, you’d come out well ahead. A Bronze member booking any fare except the lowest Q, O or G options, also known as basic economy would earn at least enough points to break even as well.

Check out the promo for yourself.


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