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Did someone say cheap Avios?

With long haul upgrades starting at 20,000 points, and short haul return flights going for much less, it’s obvious that there are useful ways to use Avios. While Avios cost money, that rhyme was free of charge. British Airways Avios Points are on sale again, thanks to a new sale from French discount website Vente-Privee. Unlike many Avios sales from other companies, this one is pretty easy to lock in…

a plane flying above the cloudsThe Deals

The Vente-Privee sale offers British Airways Avios Points for roughly 1.07 Pence (GBP) per point, or about 1.14 cents in Euro, or 1.32 in USD. You can buy points in blocks of 4,000, 9,000 20,000 or 35,000, and can in theory buy up to 100,000 points. At these low prices, there are quite a few ways that purchasing Avios could represent great value and savings, either to top off for a free flight, or to use toward a long haul upgrade to a premium cabin. Here are the best ways to spend Avios. 4,000 Points can be purchased for €59, 9,000 for €109, 20,000 for €229 and 35,000 for €399.

a bed with pillows and a purse on itHow To Buy

Google Chrome is your friend, for more reasons than one. It’s one of the most safe and secure browsers, but also features instant translation of webpages, which is going to come in handy with this French website. Even without it, it’s pretty easy though. There are just a couple hoops, but when it comes to actually getting your points, there are virtually none. All the effort is on the front end of buying…

  1. The website is in French. Use Google Chrome or brush up.
  2. You’ll need to create a French account. Using Facebook works quite well.
  3. If you don’t use Facebook, you’ll need to enter a French post code to register. You *could* pick your favorite Paris, Nice or Bordeaux hotel.
  4. Once purchased, you’ll receive a voucher code to redeem from the 16th September which will deposit your points into your British Airways Executive Club account. If you need points today – don’t buy.
  5. Try to use a card which charges little or no foreign transaction fees to mitigate costs. Curve, Revolut and others are great options.

a bar with many bottles and glasses from the ceilingGood Avios Deal

Buying Avios is always a great idea if you have a use for them which will save you money versus the cost you paid for them. Paid long haul upgrades are never offered below £299, and are more commonly £500 one way, so locking in a nice upgrade in advance using these points to go from premium economy to business would be a great use, and guaranteed to save money. Should you do it? That’s an entirely personal question. We’re buyers, for what it’s worth…

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  1. Amex offering buy 25000 aviis for £415 and get extra 12.500 avios.
    The best avios deal is paying much cash less avios when redeeming gets you 1000 avios for less £10.

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