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New Zealand is now covid-19 free, and Australia is trying desperately to get there too. Part of that, has meant enforcing a mandatory 14 day quarantine for all returning travelers, in a government controlled hotel. It’s not ideal by any means, and has lead at least a few people to try and get drugs delivered to their room, but it’s working in this vital pursuit.

In a recent move, Aussie state governments stopped footing the lofty bill though, which had already cost Queensland over $19 million Australian, and anyone now daring to leave the country faces a hotel bill of about $2000USD ($2800 Australian) to cover the expense. Apparently though, not if you’re a pop “star”.

According to 7 Australia, authorities granted Dannii Minogue an exception, allowing her and her son returning from the USA to quarantine in their Gold Coast home, without paying any fees. Apparently, she had a doctors note, which excuses her.

Update: authorities now say it has nothing to do with health, and that Mingoue presented a suitable self quarantine plan, administered by a third party. If only everyone had the same option.

To date, many Aussies with medical issues have been denied self quarantine at home, due to what the gov says is an inability to effectively monitor each case, which calls this into question.

a red ticket with white text and a red and white backgroundOne Rule For Thee, Another For Me

This is the latest example of people in public or high profile roles adhering to one set of standards, or lack thereof while everyone else must play by different rules. In the UK, Government rogue Dominic Cummings drove around the country during lockdown to “test his eyes”, forcing Boris Johnson to back his decision.

The move was so ludicrous, famous beer brand Brew Dog created a beer inspired to test your eyes, called the Barnard Castle, a site from Cummings famous tour. It sold out instantly.

Now, while all other Aussie travelers returning to the country face what’s effectively 14 days in prison, with guarded rooms and no outside contact in a lockdown hotel facility costing $2800 AUD, Dannii Minogue is back at home in the comfort of her home. The sole stipulations is no outside visitors or leaving of the compound. Of course, as a massive star, it’s a compound indeed.

The concept of having a high profile, non essential worker avoid what everyone else in the country is being forced to do just seems unfair and sends the wrong message during a global health crisis.

The world is no doubt unfair, but in a health pandemic, some level of togetherness seems a lot better than exceptions for pop stars who can’t bear the thought of 14 days in a hotel, while the rest of the public must…

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  1. Pretty galling hypocrisy that the rules are absolute except for the rich. And how is she supposed to survive without the servants? Who will clean her pool, or are more exceptions being made for critical personnel like laundresses, pool boys, and the occasional scullery maid?

  2. Dannii has worked and paid her taxes she is entitled for peace and quiet as her an her sister should be allowed to go home for an break we have climate changes problems plus people breeding for having babies it over population we need an completely cut to get out of this mess please she is an mother have respect for her she is an single mother bringing up her child thank you

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