Yes – around the world for 125,000 points, with real stops.

What are your bucket list cities? Hong Kong? Vienna? Paris? Los Angeles? Why not see them all on one incredible trip around the world? After all – other than love – all you need is points. There’s an amazing way to turn US Amex Membership Rewards Points into an around the world trip with tons of stops and total comfort the entire way, and If that sounds like the sort of thing you’ve only been dreaming of, we’re going to show you every step to unlock the best trip possible.

Getting Amex Points

To take this advantage of this awesome around the world business class trip, you need US Amex Membership Rewards Points. Not Delta Amex or British Airways Amex Points or UK Amex Points – those sadly won’t work here. If you do have Amex Points from another country, this alternative option might be of interest as a consolation prize. Credit cards such as the Amex Green, Gold or Platinum card earn Membership Rewards Points, which are exactly what you need to book this around the world ticket. To take advantage of this amazing use of points, you’ll be transferring your points from Amex to All Nippon Airways (ANA) – a Star Alliance member. You can then fly on ANA or any of their Star Alliance partners around the world, all for just 125,000 points for up to 12 flights! The world is yours!

Where You Can Go

Ask not where – but how far. This is yet another great example of why distance based charts for using points are far more exciting and flexible than point to point charts. It really doesn’t matter where you want to go, just how far – and coincidentally 125,000 points is enough to go very far! And you can start virtually anywhere that Star Alliance flies. For 125,000 points you can fly up to 22,000 miles of actual flight distance. A great way to figure out how far you want to go – or can go- is by using the tool. Simply add in all the destinations, like this example to see how many miles your desired itinerary would take up. If it’s under 22,000, you’re good to go.

Actual Examples

You must go in one direction (East or West). You can enjoy up to 12 flight segments with potential for 8 stopovers. A stopover means you can spend more than 24 hours in that destination, if you so choose. Any time under 24 hours would simply qualify as a connection and wouldn’t count against your 8 stopover limit. Also, you can start just about anywhere in the world. From Europe you could start in London, stop in Vienna for a couple days, head over to Frankfurt for a night or two and then jet off to Asia. You could fly Frankfurt to Hong Kong, zip down to Bangkok after 48 hours or so, fly up to to Tokyo for a week of bliss and then carry on to America. You could then hit San Francisco and New York before flying onto Dublin. Your trip must last a minimum of 10 days.

A Quick Recap

A round trip flight between the US and Europe would cost more points using almost any points program. Why are we mentioning this, you may be asking yourself? Because it’s a reference point for just how incredible of a deal this is. for your points You’re knocking out almost every bucket list destination in a single trip, in as few as ten days. The world is quite literally your oyster, and you’re going to explore it in the comforts of Star Alliance business class. That means airlines like Air Canada, Lufthansa, Swiss, Thai, EVA, United, ANA, Air China and more.

How To Find Business Class Seats

To book this you need to find business class seats using points. You’ll want to plot out itineraries which Star Alliance serves with direct flights. That’s one of the reasons we chose cities such as Vienna, Frankfurt, Bangkok, San Francisco and Tokyo in our examples. The easiest way to find seats on airlines all around the world is via the United Airlines website. You can search any route Star Alliance flies, by simply clicking “search for award travel” and “non stop” on the home page. Selecting “my dates are flexible” will help in your quest to find business class seats using points. Please note: the rates United quotes are not what you’ll pay – you’ll pay far less. You’re simply going to write down which flights are available using points, based off what you see there. Keep a record, and then…

Call All Nippon Airways To Book Your Around The World

All Nippon Airways is your ticket to cashing in 125,000 Amex Points for an extraordinary around the world journey. You’ll transfer your Amex Points to All Nippon Airways and call the airline to book, quoting to the phone agent that you’re looking to book an around the world ticket. Once that’s established, give the agent the dates and flight numbers where you found seats available on the United website. Surcharges can vary from something very minimal like $200 per person or less, to over $500. Still, a pretty phenomenal deal. Enjoy your around the world trip!

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