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Don’t cry for me Argentina, even though I miss you so! As a perennial favorite destination for travelers all around the world, Argentina’s understandably cautious approach to reopening international borders comes with despair.

But for the first time in nearly a year, the country is beginning to offer answers and insight into what sort of timeline may exist for reopening international borders, and to whom. Here’s what we know about Argentina’s early plans to reopen to international travelers. And yes, it’s happening soon.

Argentina Travel During Covid-19

Argentina is being incredibly cautious with all movements during covid-19, and only reopened to domestic flights and internal travel in the middle of October, 2020. In good news for those already inside the country, or considering a future trip, most businesses have reopened, including restaurants at a reduced capacity.

For international travel, there’s finally a date for when things will begin to open up in Argentina.

In statements to the Argentine press on October 25th, Matías Lammens, Argentina’s Minister of Sport and Tourism suggested a gradual reopening of Argentina’s external borders for travel and tourism beginning sometime in the Argentine summer, aka our winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Unfortunately, he didn’t specify a date.

But, we now know that international travel Argentina will begin from November 8th, 2020, as confirmed by IATA travel restrictions used by airlines to validate passengers. Initially allowed visitors to Argentina will focus solely on travelers coming from around the region including Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Nationals and residents of Argentina have always been able to return to the country, despite ongoing international restrictions, and will continue to via special flights.

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Pending a successful early summer reboot to regional travel, Argentina is said to be considering opening up to wider international visitors, perhaps even before the end of 2021 to capture the peak tourism season.

With the uncertainty, it’s not quite the news many hoping to visit family, or friends – or just to drink wine and eat steak in Argentina were looking for, but it’s fantastic to have more accurate estimates into when, where and how visitors will be able to return.

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How Visiting Argentina Will Work

In his statement to the press, Argentina’s Tourism Minister suggests all visitors to Argentina will be required to obtain a negative covid-19 PCR test and health insurance, with test results delivered within 72 hours of departure. No mandatory quarantine will apply for initial arrivals to the country, according to the Buenos Aires Times.

All arrivals into Argentina will be funneled via Buenos Aires (EZE) Airport, or the port of Buenos Aires, and suggestions indicate visitors are only able to visit the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires (AMBA). If successful, the travel program may continue much the same for other international arrivals. All visitors must also download Argentina’s Track and Tracing App.

Reopening Travel Safely

Countries are currently mulling plans to reboot tourism safely, with ideas ranging from double covid-19 testing with no quarantine, to short 3-7 day quarantine, and even 14 days of mandatory isolation.

Early reports from destinations requiring pre-departure testing are strong. Hawaii found just 1:1,553 arrivals tested positive for covid-19 days after arrival, with pre-flight testing keeping a meaningful majority of infected travelers off planes.

Here’s a 48 hour guide to Buenos Aires, so you can plan your next adventure.

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