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Overnight, Argentina surprised neighbors, trade groups, airlines and travelers by announcing a sweeping shut down of all commercial aviation in, out, and inside of the country, through September. Domestic flights are off, all international flights are off, and the issue won’t be revisited until the fall.

Is this a great move, or a perfect example of the chaos across borders still to come?

a park with a statue and a flower garden

Argentina Cancels Passenger Flights Through September

Argentina has done what few nations have been bold enough to do: they’ve provided short term clarity on the future of air travel, and reassured passengers by banning the sale of flights, to prevent confusion.

All commercial flights including both internal and international routes are banned until September 1st, at the very earliest. According to the BBC, the Argentina’s National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC) noted that the date was “reasonable”.

Not everyone is happy though. IATA, the international airline trade body is furious, citing huge job losses, neighboring countries with border agreements are perplexed, and airlines dependent on travel to the South American hotspot are also lined up with frustration.

Palacio Barolo, from Buenos Aires Ciudad website
Palacio Barolo, from Buenos Aires Ciudad.

Travelers Want Insights And Timelines

Among the greatest frustrations for travelers around the globe, is the unknown. While so much remains to be learned from the unprecedented times were facing, estimates provide hope, or reality for citizens, businesses and weary travelers.

Argentina just made things very “real”, quoting September as the earliest return for air travel. It may not be the news many were hoping for, but it provides a level of clarity beyond what virtually any other country has offered.

Like the rest of South America, Argentina is only just beginning to face the struggles presented with the global health crisis, as it lags behind Asia, and Europe in case development.

The next few months in the Southern Hemisphere will be incredibly telling for the rest of the world, as to potential risks for second, or third waves.If Argentina is able to battle through the first wave and stick to a September return date for air travel, it will signal good news to the rest of the world.

Countries continue to independently speculate as to when a viable return to air travel may exist, and whereas September was once a safety answer, it’s become the new choice for optimists. Italy and Spain are each leaning towards 2021, New Zealand has ruled out 2020 travel, and France is holding onto September as a potential time frame. For now, only time will tell.

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  1. Sounds like a poor plan especially since COVID 19 is supposed to decrease for the next few months with the possibility of a new outbreak when winter returns to the Northern Hemisphere. Why September? Surely there will be no vaccine by then. This will further cripple they’re economy.

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