Steak and wine, do you even need more?

We’ll keep the “why you should visit” Argentina sales pitch short, because this is not a sales pitch in the slightest. Argentina is a place that you’d be remiss to miss visiting in your life. The country is an amalgamation of the best in European culture, South American adventure, passion and wonderfully indulgent food and beverage. Red wine, please. The big catch? It’s far, like really far. Thanks to a few perfect coincidences, “now” is actually the time to visit Argentina. Here’s why…

a tall tower in a city at nightCheapest Flights In Years

We could speak scientifically here, but it’s probably a whole lot more useful to just say that it’s cheaper than ever to fly to Argentina. Low cost carriers and emerging airlines have driven prices from all over the world to new lows, and prices we once barely saw for economy now unlock flat bed business class seats from time to time.

Their Currency, Our Gain

If you’re in the Western world, there’s a very high chance your currency is having one if it’s best years in recent history versus the mercurial Argentinian Peso. Why do you care, assuming you’re not a FOREX broker? Because it means everything you do, everywhere you stay and every bottle of delicious Malbec you bring back will be more affordable than ever. If that doesn’t sell you, you can do even better with “blue market” money exchanges for even better rates, once you land…

a body of water with mountains in the backgroundMulti City Magic

Everyone knows Buenos Aires, and rightfully so. But few experiences rival a weekend in the Patagonia’s, Mendoza or Iguazu Falls. Competitive airlines and new tricks to get the best prices on flights have made it easier than ever to experience the not so hidden gems that make up the rest of the country. And yes, you totally should. Hot tip: avoiding mainstream tourist cities will almost inevitably offer the best prices.

New Apps, New Experiences

Understandably, travelers have confidence issues when it comes to finding side trips, tour guides and experiences abroad. In recent years, Argentina has become a hotbed for travel apps and experiences, making it super easy to find something both personally satisfying and culturally redeeming. From an all day food market tour, to an excursion to nearby Punta Del Este, apps like Gyde And Seek, Viator, Buenos Tours and more make it easy to find the greatest experience you’ll never forget.

a person pouring wine into a glass

Record Breaking Wine

It’s not hard to sell people on the merits of Malbec, but if you’re a wine enthusiast, there’s never been a better time to visit. The very best bottles rarely have enough quantity to make it out of the country, and thanks to current exchange rates, even the very best fruit is reasonably priced. If you want to see the true beauty of the country, take a wine side trip through Mendoza and beyond to experience dense valleys, powerful mountains and potent wines!

Have you explored Argentina?

Featured image courtesy of Cavas Wine Lodge. 

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