a suitcase in space with planets and stars
Rimowa's Mercury case with sticker pack.

There are airports all over the globe where passengers are currently wading through seas of luggage in hopes of reconnecting with their essentials. They’re the lucky ones.

The unlucky ones have no idea where their bags are at all. Hope is just that the airline knows where it is, or will soon. Apple AirTags have made that quite amusing lately.

In a sea of uncertainty, airport chaos and standard black bag descriptions, having distinctive luggage is paying dividends now right now when things go wrong. I’ve never been more pleased to have a fully customized carry on bag, and super jazzy checked bag that I can always identify, which would never be confused with another.

Here are a few I swear by, which I’d rate as good investments in travel happiness.

a suitcase in space with planets and stars
Rimowa’s Mercury case with sticker pack.

Customized Luggage

I’ve been a ROAM luggage fan for years. Away was my first love, and I still use their limited edition suitcases for some trips, but ROAM has become my go-to.

At $550 and up, ROAM cases are more expensive than Away at around $225, but the fun part is that you can customize each one, down to the stitching.

a suitcase on the ground
It’s not hard to pick my ROAM case out of a crowd.

You get to choose a front shell color, a back shell color, the handle color, wheel color and the stitching color. With so many elements and permutations to choose from, it’s really easy to end up with a one-of-a-kind piece.

Away Limited Editions

Away bags have rightfully become incredibly popular. They seem like shorthand among frequent travelers, kind of like the YoYo stroller — “if you know, you know” type thing.

With the success, standard Away bags have become a bit of a sea too. The limited edition bags, however, are as unique and wonderful as ever. I was over the moon this year when I found the “saffron” sparkle limited edition Away bag in Venice, LA.

I see some yellow bags from time to time, but not saffron yellow, and not with some sparkle added. When it comes time for a lost bag report, or to fish a bag out of a sea of left behind cases, zen is the word.

Rimowa Collaboration Luggage

In the super premium luggage game, it doesn’t get much more iconic than Rimowa. The cases have been a staple of the glitterati for as long as time, but in recent years they’ve taken fun twists.

Rimowa continues to launch striking collaborations with leading fashion houses, brands and designers, to curate special collaboration luggage sets.

From reflective Moncler collabs to Supreme, Porsche and more, these limited edition drops are a great way to ensure very few people on earth will have the same bag.

Modern Luggage Tricks

There are plenty of ways to save yourself from the baggage chaos happening at airports around the world. Among the best, it’s hard to beat not checking a bag. If you don’t want to risk being disconnected, maximize your carry on allowance with these great tips.

If you do need to check a bag, invest in a good distinctive option like the ones above. Adding an AirTag to your arsenal can help you locate your bag even when the airline can’t, and that’s pretty priceless.

Plus, it’s nice to add a little style not only to airport outfits, but the entire package.


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