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It’s that wonderful time of year again, and even though it might feel a little bit strange this time around, the offers are better than ever. Amex is back with Shop Small, the annual promotion to encourage spending in small businesses from coffee shops to clothing boutiques and more.

This year, when you “shop small” in the US or UK with your Amex Card, you’ll get $5 or £5 back when you spend $10/£10 or more, up to ten times. That brings a total savings of up to fifty bucks, on as little as a hundy of spending. Here’s everything you need to know…

a cup of coffee with a heart in the foamAmex Shop Small 2020: Register First

The first and most important step to Shop Small 2020 is to partake, and the first step of that means registering at AmexOffers.com, or in the Amex app under the “offers” tab, so that your eligible card can enjoy the benefits. Even supplementary cards will work, which means families can treat each other extra nice.

How to Enroll:

Amex states….

“In the U.S., the Shop Small offer is spend $10+ in a single transaction at an eligible small merchant and get $5 back, in the form of a statement credit, up to 10 times. For complete eligibility details visit: ShopSmall.com

Once enrolled, you can use that same enrolled Card until September 20 to make a purchase of at least $10 (after taxes) in a single transaction at eligible small merchants both in-store and online. The offer can be redeemed up to 10 times total, which means that you can earn up to $50 back in statement credits. Card Members must enroll by July 26.”

amex gold cardsWhat Cards are Eligible:

For the USA, American Express Consumer, Business Cards, and registered American Express Serve and Bluebird Cards are eligible. The offer is limited to 1 enrolled Card per Card Member. After you enroll an eligible Card, you will not be able to enroll a second eligible Card that you may have, and you cannot change which Card is enrolled.

This covers co-branded cards as well, meaning your Marriott Bonvoy Amex, Delta Amex or any other card like that will work just fine, not just Amex Green, Gold or Platinum. Corporate cards are the only major exceptions.

GSTP Tip: Be sure to enroll the Amex Card in your wallet which will bring you the most rewards points for each transaction. So, if you’ll be focusing on restaurants, be sure to choose a card, like Amex Gold, which offers the most points per dollar spent at restaurants, and so forth…

What Businesses Count For Amex Shop Small 2020?

Amex has an online directory of every merchant that counts for “Shop Small” and all businesses that are eligible are automatically enrolled by Amex. In other words, you don’t need to go yell at your favorite local business to get on the map, they’re already there. Here’s the USA Amex Shop Small Map, and the UK Amex Shop Small Map.

And while you’re here,  here’s the full T&C’s for the promotion, including what won’t count. As small businesses around the world reopen, they need patronage more than ever. Be respectful of their rules, be courteous to their owners and buy some things. After all, you’re getting up to 50% back, up to $50 bucks…

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  1. I want to think very carefully which US AMEX card to apply this promotion. Do you know if you can double dip a benefit assigned to a particular AMEX card? Example, If I register my AMEX Hilton Aspire card for this Small Shop 2020 promotion. I’m currently getting $250 credit at restaurants till August 31st by using the Resort benefit. But if I also added this promotion to the Aspire card, will I get the additional $5 credit as long as I spend $10 for that transaction?

  2. I did a chat with Amex. I was told there were no issues with the two promotions conflicting. Who knows if that may turn out to be wrong info, but they shouldn’t be able to blame me since I contacted them first.

  3. Of interest, the offer is available on my Platinum card, but NOT my Gold card. Which is somewhat annoying as the majority of the Shop Small merchants nearby are restaurants – would really like to get the 4X points as well….
    But cannot say no to the promotion of course!

  4. Can I purchase 2-3 timed from the same small business and qualify for $5.00 rebate each time.

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