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It’s like OpenTable, but maybe better?…

How much is that big anniversary dinner you forgot to book worth to you? Amex is launching a new feature which makes the Platinum card feel even more baller than its tidy metal card frame already does. The credit card giant is launching an “OpenTable” style app feature for restaurant bookings, offering VIP access to cardmembers at restaurants around the world. That means even if a restaurant is “fully booked”, special tables may be available through Amex, just for you. Well – and all the other Platinum cardmembers out there…

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This new dining feature is rolling out in 2018/2019 exclusively to American Express Platinum card holders around the world. American Express has long offered a highly underrated Platinum and Centurion dining program, which offered great benefits, but unlocking the features requires more legwork than many cardmembers have been willing to put in. The future: a few taps and you’re all set, directly in the Amex app. That’s a good reason to download…

Roll Out

Platinum cardholders around the world will soon see a new feature pop up in their Amex mobile app. The new feature launches first for Platinum cardholders in the UK in early October of 2018, before rolling out to the USA and other markets from end of the year into 2019. Thanks to Amex’s 2017 Global Dining Collection initiative, customers have one tap access to tables reserved just for Platinum cardmembers, at top restaurants around the world, including top Michelin starred hot spots

a person holding a phoneHow It Works

Once released, simply fire up the Amex app, search for a great restaurant and the new booking platform will help you book, without the hassle of speaking to anyone. Any cardmember dining benefits should instantly be added. American Express has leveraged its position to secure and reserve last minute or sold out tables all around the world, and Amex promises to offer tables and or benefits you can’t secure anywhere else. Basically, it really is a VIP alternative to Open Table, especially at top restaurants.


Concierge services from Amex and other leading premium credit cards have long been effective in the hunt for the impossible dining reservation, but have always been a massive pain in the ass. You call, verify your info, ask for a reservation and then find the representative reading back the same availability you found on OpenTable, before engaging in a song and dance to see if they can actually manually check by calling the restaurant on your behalf to leverage the Amex name.

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No one’s happy when they’re hungry. This new Amex App feature should actually encourage cardmembers to utilize the benefits which justify carrying a $450+ a year credit card, and bailing a member out of an anniversary pickle can be worth a lot more than an annual fee. Let’s hope it’s as cool as it sounds come October…

Are you excited about this Amex Platinum development?

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  1. This sounds like a very good app from American express,even though I do have a great relationship with concierge and boutique departments in Brighton.

  2. is this also available on biz version?
    if not… it’s a benefit for the $550 card, but one i surely appreciate and is a long time coming.

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