With lucrative rewards credit cards offers everywhere right now, wouldn’t it be nice to earn  a boat load of points, or cash back towards future travel while the world sits at home? A future getaway for a fraction of the cost, thanks to points is much-much nicer.

For many, it’s the increasingly high spending requirements needed to trigger one of the juicy welcome bonuses, in a time where spending is harder to pull off that’s standing in the way. To make credit card welcome bonuses more accessible, banks are increasing the the time in which customers are able to complete spending requirements.

6 Month Welcome Bonus Spending

Citi joins American Express as the two major rewards cards issuers extending the time in which you can complete any necessary spending to unlock a welcome bonus (Amex Policy, Citi Policy). Chase appears to also offer a welcome bonus similar extension, but there’s no specific landing page, just reports from customer service reps.

The offer runs for cards applied for up to May 31st, 2020. It’s great news for anyone who would’ve struggled to spend say… $3,000 in three months, but won’t struggle to spend $3,000 in six months.

The key to the “points game” is to never carry a balance, and never pay interest, otherwise those nearly free trips thanks to points become far less “free”, due to the cost in earning them.

American Express already extended welcome bonuses for card applications up to May 31st, 2020 in the US and UK, broadening the appeal of many cards. Previously unattainable levels of spending are now much easier, particularly with how quickly the world is burning through delivery, groceries and Netflix subscriptions.

Earn Now, Burn Points Later

With travel a distant memory at the moment, it’s important not to lose perspective. Many cards are offering fantastic, limited time welcome bonuses which can help pave the way to outstanding trips in the future when travel does return.

If you’d been eyeing up a potential card but were deterred by overextending to meet a welcome bonus, this is a great opportunity to do so safely, without ever spending outside of your safe comfort zone. Once the points start to trickle into your account, the next trip will feel closer than ever.

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